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Price Protection Programs

Price Protection Options      
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Delivery Date Customer A
Customer B
Price Cap
Customer C
no Price Protection
Cost of Propane
3-10-2014 $ 413.72 $ 474.89 $ 534.27
1-22-2014 $ 485.28 $ 557.02 $ 789.21
12-12-2013 $ 632.87 $ 726.44 $ 787.01
9-25-2013 $ 389.12 $ 446.65 $ 428.03
Total Cost Propane $ 1920.99 $ 2205.00 $ 2538.52
Annual Savings
w/Price Protection
$ 617.53 $ 333.52

Pre-Buy Plan

Take advantage of the freedom to purchase a whole heating season's supply of propane during the summer when prices are typically lower. Your fixed price is guaranteed through March for the number of gallons you pre-buy. We will divide your total pre-buy amount into 3 equal monthly installments.

Price Cap Insurance

You can cap the price you pay for propane for the entire year when you enroll in our Price Cap Insurance Plan. For $4, plus tax, per month we'll set a maximum price per gallon on your account; your price will never exceed this price no matter what happens to market prices. If the market price is lower, you'll receive that price. Call today to get the current cap price.

Budget Plan

Instead of paying for your propane as it's delivered, spread your payments throughout the year. We estimate your annual propane cost based on your home's previous usage and divide that into 12 equal payments. Best of all, Euliss' budget plan is a FREE service. There are no fees - no service charges. Click to receive your Budget Plan quote.

Payment options

Visa/Mastercard accepted

Pay Online, EFT (electronic frunds transfer), or credit card draft, so you will never have to write another check or buy another stamp. You can also pay by credit or debit cards in person or over the phone, or you can mail in your payment.