Euliss Propane Delivers Powerful Solutions.

Propane is a natural choice for North Carolina homeowners because it is an economical, efficient and clean fuel. Whether you’re building a custom home, have purchased a new home, or are thinking about converting to propane, Euliss Propane has the experienced professionals you need to do the job right.

  • Propane Is Clean

    As a non-toxic fuel that won’t dissolve in water & releases virtually no emissions, propane is a clean & green choice for your NC home.

  • Propane Is Fast

    This highly efficient fuel heats up quicker than other forms of power & uses less energy to fuel the same appliances.

  • Propane Is Affordable

    Compared to electricity, propane can cost up to 30% less to operate the same equipment & appliances in your home.

  • Propane Is Safe

    We follow all regulations to ensure you & your family are safe choosing our propane installation, maintenance & delivery.

We’re Your Dependable Fuel Partner. Become A New Propane Customer.

Working with Euliss Propane is easy because our experienced team helps you set up service, maintain your appliances and schedule propane deliveries. North Carolina customers have been choosing us since 1952. We’re your reliable local choice for exceptional energy.