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Propane is a safe fuel for powering your home, grill, and even your vehicle. Strict federal regulations from multiple agencies ensure propane companies follow critical safety guidelines when transporting propane, installing gas lines, and maintaining equipment. These rules keep us all safe and ensure propane is here to stay. You can do your part by following these simple guidelines for proper propane usage:

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Since propane is an odorless gas, distributors add ethyl mercaptan to odorize the product so you can identify a leak if there is one. If you smell propane, extinguish all flames and leave the area. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule service as soon as possible.

Traveling with a propane cylinder is a reality if you like grilling as much as we do! Here are some quick tips: close the valve and place the cylinder upright, stabilizing it with straps throughout the trip. Never leave the cylinder in a closed vehicle for an extended period of time.