The Different Types Of Fireplace Insert

One option for improving a fireplace is to install a fireplace insert. They’re attractive, convenient, and keep your room warm with much less waste. Before you decide to get one, be sure to learn the differences between the three main types.

What Is A Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is classified as a “closed-combustion fireplace.” The fire is closed off from the chimney and from the room; compare this to a traditional “open” fireplace which is open at both the top and the front. The reason for this design is that it allows the fire to burn hotter and more efficiently. The benefit of a traditional fireplace is that it’s simpler to build, but these days pre-manufactured units make installation a breeze.

The Benefits Of All Inserts

There are three kinds of fireplace insert: wood, pellet or gas. They differ in which kind of fuel they use but they all share some great traits. Because the fire is enclosed, it burns hotter and more efficiently. Less heat lost through the chimney means you get your money’s worth, and it prevents an effect where traditional fireplaces can actually draw in cold air. There’s less annoying smoke or dangerous sparks, and they just look beautiful! Now for the differences:

Wood Fireplace Inserts Give That Traditional Feeling

This option is most like a traditional fireplace. You get the benefits of closed-combustion, but you still have to source the wood by either buying it or chopping it yourself. The wood will burn longer and produce less ash than a traditional fireplace, but there will still be regular cleanup and some wasted heat. Lighting the flame can still be a chore, and there’s still some risk of sparks if the door is open. If you absolutely need to hear that real crackle though, this might be the option for you.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts Are Eco-Conscious

Another option is pellets, which are essentially little bits of compressed wood that you can buy in bulk. They’re less attractive than wood logs, but they’re more eco-conscious as they’re typically made from sawdust and other byproducts that would otherwise be wasted. They still produce some ash which requires regular cleaning, and they may cost a little more in the long run. It’s also easier to run out as you have to be mindful of your inventory.

Choose A Gas Fireplace Insert For Maximum Convenience

A gas fireplace insert is the most convenient kind. Out of all options, it’s the most efficient and burns most cleanly, so there’s absolutely no ash to clean up and less maintenance all around. Furthermore, you never have to worry about sourcing wood or driving to the store to get pellets. Your local propane company may even offer automatic propane delivery! They’re also the easiest to use: simply flick a switch or press a button on your remote control and you can enjoy instant heat.

Euliss Is The Place To Get A Gas Fireplace Insert In North Carolina

Our team has been installing gas inserts in North Carolina for decades. In addition to our gas log sets and space heaters, they’re a great option for keeping your family warm. If you’re interested in finding out how your home could benefit from a gas fireplace insert, contact us for a free quote!

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