Have you been wondering whether a gas log set is better than a traditional wood-burning fireplace? The answer is yes! More homeowners than ever are switching out the wood for a propane-powered log set. Read on to find out why.

Gas Log Sets Are More Efficient Than Wood

Wood just isn’t an efficient fuel source. You can see this just by watching it burn: the fact that it produces smoke means that it’s not being efficiently converted into heat. Because wood isn’t efficient, you’re not getting what you paid for when you burn it. Plus, all those byproducts are released directly into the atmosphere. Propane, on the other hand, is almost completely converted directly into heat.

A Gas Log Set Means No More Chopping Wood

Anyone who’s chopped wood knows it’s a laborious process. In addition to sourcing the raw wood, you have to waste time and effort chopping it, and then stack it in a huge pile somewhere around your house.

And for those who can’t chop wood themselves or simply don’t have the time, you have to turn to buying it pre-chopped. Not only is this wasteful for the environment―think about the emissions produced by the vehicles transporting it to and from stores―but it’s extremely expensive over time. Plus, you still have to find a place to store it.

A gas log sets eliminates all these hassles. You never have to waste time and effort chopping wood, or money on buying it. You can get rid of that huge wood pile and use that space for something more fun. Plus, with automatic propane deliveries, you never have to worry running out of fuel!

Gas Log Sets Are Easy To Use

With a traditional fireplace, you have to source the wood, insert the logs into the fireplace, arrange them correctly, light the flame, tend to the fire, adjust the logs, relight it when it goes out―the list goes on and on. With a propane-powered log set, you simply turn a knob or flick a switch and you have a stable, warm and beautiful flame running as long as you’d like. Some modern log sets come with remote controls or apps that make it even easier!

Euliss Propane Is Your Source For A Gas Log Set In North Carolina

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Ventless gas fireplace inserts are a great option for homeowners wanting to spruce up their fireplace or reduce their workload. Here are the top three reasons why they’re great:

1 Gas Fireplace Inserts Are More Efficient.

Fireplace inserts that run on gas are much more efficient than traditional wood fireplaces. This means that most of the gas is actually converted into heat, with much less waste. Vented units can burn at up to 80% efficiency (compared to 10~20% of traditional wood fireplaces) and ventless units still offer a major boost.

This efficiency makes them better at heating rooms to higher temperatures consistently. Many of them come with remotes for easy adjustment, and some even include apps that allow you to adjust from your phone.

2 Inserts Are More Attractive.

Fireplace inserts come in so many styles and sizes that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home. You can choose logs that mimic several tree varieties, or choose something more rustic such as stone or coal. Modern inserts are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, featuring super pigmented colors and realistic char and splitting details.

In addition to the logs inside, fireplace inserts also offer flexibility with the arrangement of flames, as well as options for the outer face. Most inserts feature gorgeous fixed glass panels, and ventless units can opt for metal screens instead.

3 Inserts Are Much Easier To Use And Maintain.

One of the main benefits of switching from a traditional wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace insert is that you no longer have to split wood (or buy it). Splitting wood is tiring, time consuming and takes a toll on the body–and the cost of pre-split wood adds up quickly.

With gas inserts, you simply schedule regular gas deliveries and live worry free. And that’s not to mention the space you’ll free up when you get rid of those piles of logs!

Euliss Propane Is Your North Carolina Supplier Of Gas Fireplace Inserts.

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