Want a gas fireplace but don’t have a working chimney? Families choose vent-free fireplaces because they’re affordable, efficient, easy to use and don’t require a chimney.

Looking for a unique Christmas idea that the whole family will love? You might be surprised!

Not sure which log set to choose? Check our holiday shopping guide.

Our guide explaining everything you need to know about buying a new gas log set in 2022.

Wondering if a gas fireplace insert is worth it? The short answer is: probably! Fireplace inserts have several advantages over traditional fireplaces. Read on to learn our top reasons for making the switch.

A Fireplace Insert Is Safer For Families

Inserts are great for families because they’re safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Propane and natural gas burn much more cleanly than wood, which means no dangerous sparks entering your living room. The glass front panel also prevents pets and little ones from getting too close to the flames, or items accidentally getting tossed in. You don’t have to worry about the dangers of splitting wood either.

Smart Design Means Easier Operation

Another great thing about fireplace inserts is that they’re extremely easy to operate! Simply turn a dial or click a button on your remote and you can enjoy instant flames. The flames are easily adjustable too—unlike traditional fireplaces, you can quickly and easily adjust the heat output to your desired level. There’s no hassle of chopping wood (or paying for it) and you don’t have to go through the annoying process of arranging logs and tending to the fledgling fire.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Are Less Wasteful

Like a gas log set, a fireplace insert runs on clean propane or natural gas. These fuels burn much more cleanly than wood; almost all of the fuel is transformed directly into heat. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every cent you spend on gas is going directly toward keeping your family warm. Since you can control the heat output, you have even more control over how much fuel is used every time you use the fireplace. And with our tips for getting the best propane prices, you can save even more.

Guilford County Families Choose Euliss For A Fireplace Insert

We’ve been in business since 1952, so you can count on Euliss for expert installation and maintenance of home heating solutions. We even offer price protection plans and automatic propane delivery through our customer portal. If you’re looking for a gas fireplace insert in Guilford County, get in touch!

Get A Gas Fireplace Insert In Guilford County.

Are Vent Free Gas Logs Better?

Have you noticed that vent free gas logs are becoming more popular lately? In 2022, we’re seeing many more Randolph County homeowners choose these ventless models. Read on to find out the difference between vented and vent free log sets, as well as their benefits over traditional fireplaces.

What Are Vent Free Gas Logs?

A vent free log set (also known as ventless gas logs) is a heat source that can be installed into many existing fireplaces to provide the warmth of a fire without the hassle of a traditional fireplace. Running on natural gas or propane, they produce flames between artificial (but extremely realistic) logs. They’re a great choice for upgrading an existing fireplace in a living room or family room.

Why Are Vent Free Log Sets Better Than Traditional Fireplaces?

Log sets have so many advantages over traditional fireplaces. Because they feature permanent artificial logs, you can choose exactly the style that you want. They come in a wide variety of “wood types,” all arranged for a lasting stylish look. Vent free log sets are also extremely easy to use: rather than dealing with the hassle of chopping wood and starting a fire, you simply click a button to enjoy warm, cozy flames.

The Difference Between Vented & Vent Free Log Sets

Log sets are available in two main types: vented or vent free. With venting models, they take in fresh air from the outside, use it to produce the flame, then vent it back outside. Vent free gas log sets are newer, and are designed to combine air and fuel at very specific levels so that they burn extremely cleanly. This allows them to drop the requirement for any kind of venting to the outside. This means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to retrofit your existing chimney with proper venting, and you save money over time because you don’t lose any heat to the outdoors.

Choose Euliss For Vent Free Gas Logs In Randolph County

Ready to upgrade your living room with a beautiful, efficient log set? As the local propane company in Randolph County, you can trust us to give you the beautiful fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch to learn more about our vent free gas logs today.

Need vent free gas logs in Randolph County?

This winter has been particularly cold! We’ve seen many more North Carolina families turn to gas log sets and other non-traditional methods of keeping warm. Read on to learn the different ways that families are keeping the cold out without breaking the bank.

1 Gas Log Sets Offer Stylish Flames

Gas log sets have proven extremely popular this year! That’s completely understandable: they’re affordable, attractive and easy to operate. Your local propane company can install and hookup the log set in just a few days and from then on you can enjoy natural-looking flames and efficient heat at the click of a button. They’re great for families who want the traditional fireplace appearance without the hassle of chopping logs or fanning flames.

2 Fireplace Inserts Bring Superior Warmth

If your main concern is efficient heat, fireplace inserts are the perfect choice. Like log sets, they are installed in existing wood-burning fireplaces. However, because of their enclosed nature, they offer even more heat. They burn more efficiently than traditional wood fireplaces which means that you’ll not only save money but feel warmer. Plus, they look great too! You can find them in modern or traditional styles to match any fireplace.

3 Space Heaters Bring Portable Warmth Into Any Room

If you want something more portable, space heaters are another great option. Their compact size and powerful heating makes them a great choice for any room that’s a little too cold. They’re especially good for basements, garages, hobby rooms and other areas of the home that aren’t used enough to require a full-scale heating solution.

4 Enjoy Hot Baths Instantly With Tankless Water Heaters

Sometimes all you need to push away those winter blues is a nice hot bath. With Rinnai tankless water heaters you can get hot water instantly–no more waiting minutes for the water to run warm! Tankless hot water heaters are also much more efficient and extremely durable. Some local propane companies even offer rebates on installation!

Euliss Has Gas Log Sets & Everything Else You Need To Stay Warm

If your home has been feeling a little too chilly, we’d love to help! We have a solution for every room of the house. For more information about tankless water heaters, space heaters, fireplace inserts or gas log sets, contact us today.

We’re deep into the Christmas season and there’s festivity in the air! As the season continues, here are some ways a fireplace insert can turn those cold winter nights into warm and cozy celebrations.

A Fireplace Insert Is Convenient For Busy Families

Anyone with a large family knows how hard it is to get everyone together. With work, school and hobbies all on different schedules, those moments together are rare and need to be taken advantage of immediately. Fireplace inserts are ready at a moment’s notice; the second that your family is together, you can get the fire started and gather around it. Instead of wasting time setting up logs or fanning flames, you can cherish every second that you’re around your family.

Warm Flames Make Everyone Feel More Festive

There’s something undeniable about the draw of a fire. The flames are beautiful to look at and the warmth flowing from them melts away the stress of daily life. Whether you’re with your family, friends or just by yourself, sitting in front of your fireplace insert will help you feel relaxed and more in the Christmas spirit.

Fireplace Inserts Offer Plenty Of Decoration Opportunities

The great thing about fireplace inserts is that they can be installed in an existing fireplace while maintaining its original design. If you love your fireplace mantel, you can still use it as you would with a traditional wood fireplace. Plus, because the flames are enclosed in protective glass, there’s less worry about sparks. You should still follow all relevant safety measures, but you can rest assured that your beautiful Christmas tree is protected from the flames in the fireplace.

Euliss Has A Fireplace Insert For Every Family In Randolph County

Families throughout North Carolina know that they can turn to Euliss for propane service, gas heaters, log sets and everything else it takes to stay warm during the winter. If your family is ready to get comfy by a fireplace insert, contact us today!

Stay Cozy In Randolph County With A Fireplace Insert.

One option for improving a fireplace is to install a fireplace insert. They’re attractive, convenient, and keep your room warm with much less waste. Before you decide to get one, be sure to learn the differences between the three main types.

What Is A Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is classified as a “closed-combustion fireplace.” The fire is closed off from the chimney and from the room; compare this to a traditional “open” fireplace which is open at both the top and the front. The reason for this design is that it allows the fire to burn hotter and more efficiently. The benefit of a traditional fireplace is that it’s simpler to build, but these days pre-manufactured units make installation a breeze.

The Benefits Of All Inserts

There are three kinds of fireplace insert: wood, pellet or gas. They differ in which kind of fuel they use but they all share some great traits. Because the fire is enclosed, it burns hotter and more efficiently. Less heat lost through the chimney means you get your money’s worth, and it prevents an effect where traditional fireplaces can actually draw in cold air. There’s less annoying smoke or dangerous sparks, and they just look beautiful! Now for the differences:

Wood Fireplace Inserts Give That Traditional Feeling

This option is most like a traditional fireplace. You get the benefits of closed-combustion, but you still have to source the wood by either buying it or chopping it yourself. The wood will burn longer and produce less ash than a traditional fireplace, but there will still be regular cleanup and some wasted heat. Lighting the flame can still be a chore, and there’s still some risk of sparks if the door is open. If you absolutely need to hear that real crackle though, this might be the option for you.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts Are Eco-Conscious

Another option is pellets, which are essentially little bits of compressed wood that you can buy in bulk. They’re less attractive than wood logs, but they’re more eco-conscious as they’re typically made from sawdust and other byproducts that would otherwise be wasted. They still produce some ash which requires regular cleaning, and they may cost a little more in the long run. It’s also easier to run out as you have to be mindful of your inventory.

Choose A Gas Fireplace Insert For Maximum Convenience

A gas fireplace insert is the most convenient kind. Out of all options, it’s the most efficient and burns most cleanly, so there’s absolutely no ash to clean up and less maintenance all around. Furthermore, you never have to worry about sourcing wood or driving to the store to get pellets. Your local propane company may even offer automatic propane delivery! They’re also the easiest to use: simply flick a switch or press a button on your remote control and you can enjoy instant heat.

Euliss Is The Place To Get A Gas Fireplace Insert In North Carolina

Our team has been installing gas inserts in North Carolina for decades. In addition to our gas log sets and space heaters, they’re a great option for keeping your family warm. If you’re interested in finding out how your home could benefit from a gas fireplace insert, contact us for a free quote!

Need A Gas Fireplace Insert?

Have you been wondering whether a gas log set is better than a traditional wood-burning fireplace? The answer is yes! More homeowners than ever are switching out the wood for a propane-powered log set. Read on to find out why.

Gas Log Sets Are More Efficient Than Wood

Wood just isn’t an efficient fuel source. You can see this just by watching it burn: the fact that it produces smoke means that it’s not being efficiently converted into heat. Because wood isn’t efficient, you’re not getting what you paid for when you burn it. Plus, all those byproducts are released directly into the atmosphere. Propane, on the other hand, is almost completely converted directly into heat.

A Gas Log Set Means No More Chopping Wood

Anyone who’s chopped wood knows it’s a laborious process. In addition to sourcing the raw wood, you have to waste time and effort chopping it, and then stack it in a huge pile somewhere around your house.

And for those who can’t chop wood themselves or simply don’t have the time, you have to turn to buying it pre-chopped. Not only is this wasteful for the environment―think about the emissions produced by the vehicles transporting it to and from stores―but it’s extremely expensive over time. Plus, you still have to find a place to store it.

A gas log sets eliminates all these hassles. You never have to waste time and effort chopping wood, or money on buying it. You can get rid of that huge wood pile and use that space for something more fun. Plus, with automatic propane deliveries, you never have to worry running out of fuel!

Gas Log Sets Are Easy To Use

With a traditional fireplace, you have to source the wood, insert the logs into the fireplace, arrange them correctly, light the flame, tend to the fire, adjust the logs, relight it when it goes out―the list goes on and on. With a propane-powered log set, you simply turn a knob or flick a switch and you have a stable, warm and beautiful flame running as long as you’d like. Some modern log sets come with remote controls or apps that make it even easier!

Euliss Propane Is Your Source For A Gas Log Set In North Carolina

When North Carolina homeowners need comfortable and easy heat, they know to turn to Euliss. With over fifty years of experience we know propane inside and out. We offer a wide range of products so you can find a gas log set for any space.

Get the perfect gas log set today!