Why A New Gas Log Set Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

Still figuring out what to buy your family for Christmas? Try a new gas log set! Read on to learn why this unconventional gift is the perfect idea for families:

1. A Gas Log Set Makes Life Convenient

There’s a reason why wood-burning fireplaces are less popular these days. Sourcing wood, gathering it, splitting it, chopping it, piling and organizing it, trudging outside and bringing it in by the armful, lighting the fire, tending to the flames, heading back outside to get more wood… It takes so much prep time just to light a fire the traditional way. With a new gas log set, you simply press a button on your remote and relax.

2. Families Love To Gather Around A Fireplace

With all the time and hassle you save by switching to gas logs, you’ll find yourself using the fireplace much more. And nothing makes people gather like a warm, comforting fire! You will find family members naturally spending more time together on those cold nights—playing board games, watching movies or even just chatting. If your family members spend too much time in their rooms, a log set may be just the solution!

3. Gas Logs Are The Gift That Pays Off

It’s hard to shop for people these days: get them the latest expensive tech gadget and it’s obsolete in a few months; get them something thoughtful and they don’t use it. A propane log set solves both of these issues! It’s something that the whole family will use and it’s an investment that will last. Years from now your family will be gathered around the fireplace watching the beautiful flames, and be reminded of the Christmas they spent together.

4. There Are Unexpected Benefits To A Gas Log Set

Are you or someone in your household one of the millions of Americans that suffer from severe allergies? If so, you probably avoid burning logs because of the contamination that they put into the air. A properly-maintained log set burns cleanly, meaning cleaner air and an easier time for those in the house with allergies. And even if no one in your house has allergies, the money you save on heating bills will help you breathe easier too!

Happy Family Resting Near Fireplace At Home

Euliss Offers A Gas Log Set Perfect For Any Home

Planning to purchase gas logs for your family in Randolph County, Guilford County or central North Carolina? Euliss has you covered! We offer a range of beautiful and durable sets from Heatmaster—made right here in North Carolina. If you’re interested in a new gas log set, get in touch with our helpful staff today.

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