Emergency Propane Delivery: What To Expect

Did you suddenly run out of fuel in the middle of winter? You need emergency propane delivery. Read on to learn how to call for emergency delivery and what to expect.

What To Do When You Run Out Of Propane

No matter how diligent you are, it’s easy to run out of propane during unexpected weather events. This is doubly true for those who rely on gas log sets for emergency heat or generators for backup electricity. Whatever the case may be, when you run out of propane in the middle of a Polar Vortex or cold snap, you need service fast.

When you run out of propane, the most important thing to remember is that emailing, texting or private messaging can delay service. Instead, you should write down your local propane company’s emergency service number and call it. (The Euliss Propane emergency service number is here.)

If you use one of those large national chains for propane, you might have to wait hours for someone to pick up the phone or they might not be able to help at all. In that case, try looking for a local propane company in North Carolina such as Euliss.

How To Prepare For Emergency Propane Delivery

Now that you’ve called for emergency service, there are a few things you can do to make delivery easy and quick:

  1. Make sure to tell the gas company your current address, where your propane tank is in relation to your property and any special instructions to reach your property if it is especially hard to find.
  2. Clear a path from the driveway to the propane tank, moving cars or shoveling snow as necessary so the technician can easily get in.
  3. Clear any snow or ice from the propane tank (you should always do this for safety reasons) as well as any snow immediately around the tank.
  4. If it is snowing, raining or if there’s been recent snowfall, clearly mark the tank using flags, reflective tape, cloth or poles.

How To Avoid Running Out Of Propane

As you know, the downside of emergency propane delivery is that it’s much more costly than regular service. To avoid this issue next winter, take note of the problems you’re having and ask your local propane company for advice. For example, if you can’t remember to check your gauge, you may want a tank monitor that sends alerts to your phone, or auto-fill delivery so you don’t have to think about it. Whatever the case, your local propane company can help.

Euliss doing emergency propane delivery at night

Call Euliss For Emergency Propane Delivery In North Carolina

Whether you live in Guilford, Randolph, Liberty, Greensboro, Burlington or other counties in central North Carolina, you can rely on Euliss. As a locally-owned propane company we have a team of real, local employees standing by to take your call. Call now if you need emergency propane delivery.

Need Emergency Propane Delivery In Central North Carolina?