Learn how propane can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bridge the gap to a cleaner energy future.

Struggling with your heating bills? Learn how to save money immediately with these tips.

We cover how to get emergency propane delivery, what to expect and how to prevent it from happening again.

Deciding when to order propane delivery? Check our guide to saving money by ordering at the right time.

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When it comes to choosing a propane gas company, locally owned is best. Learn why inside.

Do you feel like you’re spending more than you should on propane delivery? You might be buying it at the wrong times! We’ve put together this quick guide to getting the most out of your dollars during every season of the year. Read on to find out how to save:

Clean & Maintain In The Spring

When the days become consistently warm, turn off the pilot light in your gas log set to prevent wasting propane. Once that’s turned off and your logs are safe to handle, give your fireplace a quick clean to ensure that it will work at its peak performance when winter comes back around. This is also the perfect time to get your tankless water heater flushed to keep it running well.

Look Into Price Protection Programs In Summer

We offer several price protection programs that help you keep more money in your pockets. They range from pre-buy, in which you pre-purchase your propane for the year at one price; price cap insurance, which sets a maximum that your price per gallon will not exceed; and our budget program, which allows you to divide your payment for the year into equal monthly payments. Summer is the perfect time to inquire about them and get set for the upcoming year. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Buy Propane Right Before Fall

One of the best months to buy propane is August, because it’s warm enough that few people are using their heaters, and the demand of summer has died down. When the cold begins to hit in the later months of fall and beginning of winter, people will start using their fireplaces again which will drive up costs. So filling up now when prices are lower will give you a head start for the winter.

Schedule Smartly During Winter

Even if you fill up your propane tank before winter, it’s likely that you’ll need more fuel sometime during the season. The best way to keep your prices low is to avoid emergency delivery, which often comes with steep fees. So check your propane levels regularly (or sign up for a tank monitor which will send alerts to your phone when they get low) or sign up for auto-fill delivery in which the propane company brings you fuel automatically before you run out. Both of these are great ways to keep yourself warm all winter.

Choose Euliss For Propane Delivery In Guilford County

Want even more tips? Check our ultimate guide to saving money on propane. Or, if you’re ready to fill up, get in touch. As a local propane company we truly care about our customers and will make sure your propane experience is a great one. If you need propane delivery in Guilford County, North Carolina, contact us today.

Affordable Propane Delivery In Guilford County, NC.

You probably know that propane is the highly efficient way to fuel your home, but what you might not know is that there are secret ways to save on a propane fillup. As the local propane gas company serving Guilford County, Randolph County, Greensboro and beyond, the team here at Euliss wants all of our customers to save as much as possible—so we’ve put together our favorite tips for getting the best prices on propane.

How To Get The Lowest Price Per Gallon On Propane

Shop Around To Find Lower Fuel Prices

The first step in getting good prices is a little research. Search for “gas company near me,” contact each company that comes up and ask them their current price per gallon. This information is typically not available online, so you’ll want to give them a call—any trustworthy propane gas company will be willing to give you a free quote. Make note of any estimates you get, but keep in mind that the lowest price per gallon isn’t necessarily the best choice.

Buy Propane In Summer When Prices Are Lower

The price of all fuel fluctuates throughout the year as demand increases and decreases. For propane in particular, the price is typically lower in summer when homes don’t need any heating. So, instead of waiting to fill up once the first cold snap hits, fill up during the warmer summer months. Even better, consider signing up for a pre-buy program where you buy your propane for the entire year. Taking advantage of the lower rates can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Use A Price Protection Program To Lock In A Great Price

Some companies will even offer propane price protection programs to help you save money. For example, the Pre-Buy program from Euliss allows you to pre-buy all of your fuel for the entire year based on the lower summer rates, and guarantees that price through March. Programs like these are a great way to be smarter with your money.

How To Choose The Best Propane Company Near You

Price Per Gallon Isn’t Everything: Keep Other Services In Mind

It’s tempting to choose whichever propane gas company offers the lowest price per gallon, but many companies only have low prices because they cut spending in other areas. For example, here at Euliss we have heard from customers in Randolph County and Guilford County that we’re one of the few remaining companies offering propane services. We offer service plans for tankless water heaters, gas log sets, propane appliances and more—many of the larger companies no longer offer these services because they’re not as profitable. So when choosing a gas company near you, be sure to choose one that will be there for you.

Reviews Tell The Real Story

When researching propane companies, it can be tempting to choose the one that offers the lowest price per gallon, but keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t mean much if you can’t get service when you need it! You should always be wary of hidden fees or bad customer service. If you can’t get regular deliveries on time, you may be left paying for emergency service in the dead of winter. Be sure to check the Google Reviews for any company you’re considering so that you can get the full picture.

Choose A Local Propane Company When Possible

These days, many independent propane companies are being purchased by larger companies from out of town. There’s no question that their service usually suffers as a result. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do some research instead of settling on the first company you find. Find an independent propane company in North Carolina and you’re likely to get better service, and better prices too.

A Good Propane Company Will Pick Up The Phone

One of the most important parts of saving money on propane is choosing the right propane company. A simple way to determine who you should go with is to ask questions. First, give them a call. If they don’t pick up, or the person on the line doesn’t seem knowledgeable about the company, that’s an indication that support has been outsourced and that the company doesn’t care much about customer service.

Once you’re on the phone, ask questions: Do you offer auto-fill delivery? Do you offer any rebates or price protection plans? Is there a refer-a-friend program? Can I schedule deliveries whenever I want? Do you have an app with online ordering? Can you service my propane appliances? If the propane company has positive answers to these questions, they’re a good choice.

How To Save Money On Propane Appliances

Avoid Wood Burning Fireplaces: They Waste 90% Of Their Heat

Did you know that most of the heat generated by a traditional fireplace is lost through the chimney? According to the EPA, up to 90% of the heat generated goes straight up the chimney, and this can even create a vacuum effect that sucks in cold air through the windows. Outfit your fireplace with a propane-powered, ventless fireplace insert instead, and almost 100% of the heat will stay inside the room. That means every penny you spend on propane will be turned directly into heat to warm your room. If you tend to use your fireplace a lot, it’s an easy win!

Gas Log Sets Are Another Alternative To Wood Burning Fireplaces

Don’t want a ventless fireplace insert? Even ditching the logs for a propane gas log set will make an immediate difference in your bills. Propane burns much more efficiently than wood: it is almost completely combusted into heat, whereas burning wood produces lots of pollutants. Not only that, but propane log sets start immediately so there’s no wasted fuel waiting for the fire to get going.

Turn Your Pilot Light Off In Summer

This is another easy win: make sure you’re turning off the pilot light of your log set or fireplace insert during warm months. The pilot makes for easy operation when you turn the fireplace on, but it’s not necessary if you’re sure you’ll be warm enough at night. Simply turning this off could save you up to $20 a month!

In Conclusion

Euliss Is Your North Carolina Source For Better Propane Service

Here at Euliss, giving the customer great value and a great experience is of utmost importance. We offer scheduled propane delivery, price protection programs, appliances and so much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money on propane.

Want To Save On Propane?

How To Find A Reliable Propane Company In Randolph County

Looking for a propane company in Randolph County? Be sure you’re choosing one that offers great value and cares about its customers. Our latest guide goes over the top things you need to look for when choosing.

1 Look For A Propane Company With Price Protection

When choosing a propane supplier, you should make sure that they offer programs to help you save money. For example, here at Euliss we offer price cap insurance which ensures your price per gallon will never go over a certain amount. We also offer budget plans in which your usage is estimated for the year and split into 12 even payments. The plans offered will differ depending on the company, but any reliable propane company should offer some form of protection program.

2 Choose A Company That’s Always Available

One of the common complaints about other propane supplies is that they’re hard to get ahold of. You may try to call customer service only to get a call center that isn’t even in the area. Before choosing a gas company, you should make sure that they have real people you can talk to, as well as an emergency contact line.

3 Choose A Single Company That Offers Propane Delivery And Propane Appliances

Even if you find a good propane delivery company, you’ll want to make sure that they offer propane appliances as well. Whether you have a gas log set, a tankless water heater or something else, life is more convenient when your fuel supplier can service your appliance as well. If a company offers both, they may even offer rebates as well! For example, here at Euliss we offer rebates on installation of gas ranges, dryers, water heaters and more.

Euliss Is The Reliable Propane Delivery Company Near You

We are the reliable source for propane appliances and delivery in North Carolina. We offer emergency delivery, price protection plans, great rebates and more. If you need propane delivery in Randolph County or beyond, get in touch!

Need Propane Delivery Or Appliances In Randolph County?

How Often Should You Get Propane Delivery In North Carolina?

Here’s a question we get a lot: how often should you get propane delivery if you live in North Carolina? Of course, this question applies to other states as well. The answer depends on where you live, what appliances you use, and how your family uses them. Read on to learn more.

Propane Delivery Depends On The Size Of Your Tank

The first factor to consider is the size of your propane tank. The common sizes for homeowners are vertically-oriented 120 gallon tanks (for one or two appliances), horizontally-oriented 250 gallon tanks (two+ appliances), or up to 1000 gallon tanks. Keep in mind that, for safety reasons, your propane tank will never be filled to 100% capacity.

Your Usage Is The Biggest Factor

The biggest factor is how many propane appliances you have and how often you use them. For example, a gas log set may use 2 gallons of propane per hour of use, while a gas clothes dryer may only use 1 gallon per day. To get a good idea of how much propane you’ll need, make a list of all of your propane-powered appliances and how often you use them (be sure to consider everyone in your household). With this information, your local propane company will be able to estimate your usage.

Automatic Delivery Saves You From Hassle

Of course it’s possible to estimate propane usage yourself, but it’s a tedious process that’s prone to error, and you still have the hassle of having to schedule propane delivery every time you’re running low. For that reason, we always recommend that you take advantage of automatic propane delivery if your local provider offers it. Your provider will track your usage and schedule deliveries just before you need them.

Euliss Offers Hassle-Free Propane Delivery In North Carolina

Here at Euliss, we offer hassle-free delivery to residents in Randolph County, Guilford County and surrounding areas. You can schedule delivery anytime through the Euliss Customer Portal, and we even offer automatic delivery! To keep your North Carolina home fueled and avoid the hassle of propane delivery, contact us today.

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