We often get homeowners asking if it’s safe to use a propane heater in their garage. Here at Euliss Propane, we’ve been providing propane space heaters to North Carolina families for over 50 years, so you can trust us to have the answer. Read on to find out.

Different Space Heaters Work For Different Spaces

Before answering the question, it’s important to note that propane heaters aren’t all the same. Some are rated for outdoor use only while others are perfectly safe indoors. Even among indoor heaters, some require extra ventilation and some do not. So before you buy any kind of propane appliance, be sure to consult your local propane company. Here at Euliss, we’re always happy to answer questions and help you understand how to use your propane heater safely.

Is A Propane Heater Safe For A Garage?

The answer is yes, as long as you choose the right heater and operate it safely. You’ll want a space heater that’s rated for indoor use and does not require extra ventilation (since garages typically have little airflow). You should also clear a space for the heater to reside: never place anything on top of a heater and be sure that combustible materials are kept far enough away. Your propane heater will come with specific instructions and clearances.

Where Else Does A Propane Heater Work Best?

Propane heaters are perfect for many spaces! As long as your heater is rated for indoor use and you provide it proper ventilation and free space according to the manufacturer, you can enjoy safe and efficient heat. You can buy outdoor heaters too―perfect for spending nights outside with friends without becoming too chilly.

Keep These Safety Considerations In Mind

Wherever you use your space heater, make sure to never place anything on top of it. If you’re using it indoors, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector (good advice whether or not you’re using a heater). And familiarize yourself with the smell of propane in case of leaks. If you detect a “rotten egg” smell, be sure to turn off any open flames and call our emergency line immediately.

Keep Your Garage Warm With A Propane Heater From Euliss

Our wide selection of propane heaters includes several options that require no extra ventilation and are rated for indoor use. We always give you the best prices possible and offer exceptional customer service. If you need a propane heater, contact us today!


Need a propane heater?

North Carolina homeowners: are you curious about propane but worried about safety? Propane is actually very safe! Read on to find out families across the state are turning to this fuel for their homes.

1 Many Propane-Powered Space Heaters Can Be Used Indoors

When choosing a propane space heater, simply look for one that is rated for indoor use. As long as the heater is rated appropriately, and you keep it away from any combustible materials, you can heat up that garage without fear. The other benefits of space heaters, such as their efficient warming and quick heat up time, make them a wonderful option for homeowners who need a little more warmth.

2 Propane Leaks Don’t Hurt The Environment

As you may know, it can be a big deal when a traditional fuel leaks; some spills can take years to clean up and can have major effects on the environment. Luckily, liquid propane quickly dissipates into the air―so in the rare event that a leak occurs, there’s no spill to clean up. And more importantly, because it’s non-toxic, it can’t contaminate soil or water.

3 Detecting A Leak Is Easy

The fuel is required by law to have an additive called mercaptan which gives it a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs. Most families will never experience a leak, but if you do you’ll know immediately. (If you smell rotten eggs, immediately turn off any open flames, get away from the source, and call our emergency line.)

4 Propane Doesn’t Degrade Over Time

Some fuels, such as diesel or gasoline, can go bad over time. Propane, on the other hand, will stay good almost indefinitely as long as it is properly stored. With proper installation of a storage tank and regular maintenance and fill ups, you can expect few problems. This means you never have to worry about it being less safe or less efficient due to age.

5 It Doesn’t Ignite As Easily

Propane actually has a high ignition temperature: about 940℉. While you should take safety seriously and keep the fuel away from any open flames, you can rest assured that the fuel will not spontaneously ignite in normal conditions.

Euliss Can Help You Switch To Safe Propane

If you’re ready to switch your home to the safer, more efficient fuel, contact us today. Our talented service team can install almost any kind of appliance, from tankless water heaters to gas ranges. We’ve been in the industry since 1952 so we have the experience and expertise that North Carolina families rely on for their propane needs.

Switch to safe & efficient propane!

For more than 60 years, Euliss Propane has been the choice of North Carolina homeowners for their fuel and appliance needs. One of the reasons homeowners choose us is because of the many ways we help them save money. If you haven’t joined the Euliss family yet, read on to find out the five ways we can help you save.

1 Price Cap Insurance Prevents Surprise Bills

Our Price Protection Programs are a popular choice among our customer base. These special promotions are easy to join and give you control over your payments. The first program, Price Cap Insurance, sets a maximum price per gallon that your price will never exceed―and if the market price is lower than that cap, you pay the lower amount. Each Price Cap is good for a year term, and it costs only $48 per year to sign up.

2 Pre-Buy Fuel When Prices Are Lower To Lock In Savings

Next, our Pre-Buy Program is a great way to guarantee that you’re getting the best price on propane. With this service, you commit in summer to buying a certain amount of fuel over the next year. The price is locked into the current market price when you sign up, meaning you can take advantage of the fact that prices are typically much lower in summer. Your payment is split into three equal installments and the price is good through next March.

3 Budget Plans Make Budgeting Easy

For those who want peace of mind and a consistent bill, we offer our Budget Plan. With this plan, we estimate your usage for the next year based on past data. The total cost is then split across 12 equal payments, so you know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month. It’s great for those who want to avoid having larger payments during the colder winter months. And to top it off, new Budget Plan customers get a year of Price Cap Insurance for free!

4 Rebates Make Propane Appliances Affordable

If you’re considering switching to propane appliances, you should know that we offer several rebates! For example, first time purchasers could save $150 on installation of a new tankless water heater or $50 on a propane clothes dryer. We make the process easy and will help you get every applicable rebate when you choose us to install your appliance.

5 Refer A Customer And We Give You $50

We also have a Refer-A-Friend program! We want you to save money, so we’ve made the referral process as easy as possible. Simply refer a friend or neighbor to Euliss Propane, and we’ll credit your account $50 as soon as they become a customer. There are no tricks and you’ll get credit for every applicable referral!

Euliss Propane Helps You Save Money In Other Ways Too

We help our customers save money in other ways too: we offer great prices on propane appliances and great prices on fuel; we regularly post money-saving tips to our newsletter and Facebook page; and we write articles like The Best Time To Buy Propane so you’ll be in the know. If you’re ready to save money on propane service in North Carolina, contact Euliss Propane today.

Home construction is booming right now and we want first-time homeowners to know that propane is perfect for new home construction. We make it easy to switch to propane, but it’s so much easier when starting out your project with the fuel in mind. Read on to find out why now is the time to start thinking about the better fuel.

Propane Is Safer And Cleaner

It’s becoming increasingly important to keep the environment in mind when choosing materials and fuels. Propane is the cleaner fuel, with a low carbon footprint and a much more efficient burn. In addition to being eco-friendly, it’s safer for the environment. If a leak occurs, it will not harm the soil or water, and you’ll be able to smell it immediately. (The gas smells like rotten eggs―if you suspect a leak, contact our emergency line immediately.)

Propane Tanks Can Be Concealed Underground

Some homeowners may be concerned that a fuel tank will take up too much space. Luckily, these tanks can be installed underground! This is why new construction is the perfect opportunity to switch to the better fuel. It’s so much easier to dig and install the tank while other construction is already underway. And don’t worry; any reputable local lp gas company can refill underground tanks.

Get Instant Hot Water With A Tankless Water Heater

Many homeowners know that a tankless water heater is more efficient, saves money, and heats up water almost instantly. However, it can be a hassle to have the old traditional water tank removed. If you’re building a new home, you can skip that step and install a tankless water heater from the start! You’ll be enjoying instant hot water from the day you move in.

You Can Save Money With Rebates

Something that many homeowners are unaware of is that they may qualify for rebates on qualifying appliances. For example, here at Euliss we offer $250 rebates for propane furnaces, $150 rebates for tankless water heaters and more! You’ll need to check with your local propane company but you may qualify for several rebates.

Euliss Is Your Source For Propane And Appliances

As you work through your new home construction, be sure to keep us in mind. Our expert team can help you choose the perfect propane appliances, schedule propane delivery and even apply for all applicable rebates.

Need propane service or appliances?

Homeowners in North Carolina love propane because it’s the cheaper, more efficient fuel. But with it being more important than ever to save money where possible, the same homeowners are probably wondering how to get the best propane prices possible. We here at Euliss have put together this handy guide to getting the best prices.

1 Shop Around To Find Lower Propane Prices

An easy step you can take is to contact your local propane company and ask their price per gallon. This information is typically not available online, but any trustworthy company should be able to give you a free quote. Just be sure to keep in mind that the lowest price per gallon isn’t necessarily the best choice.

2 Read Reviews For The Full Picture

Even more important than a low price per gallon is great customer service. A low price doesn’t mean much if the company won’t return your calls when you need service! You’ll want to choose a local company who is responsive to service requests and has programs to keep you topped off all year, so that you can avoid costly emergency service charges.

3 Propane Prices Are Lower In Summer

The price of propane fluctuates throughout the year as demand increases and decreases. The best time to buy is generally the summer, when mild weather means that demand is low. Instead of waiting to fill up right when you need it, think ahead and fill up during summer to take advantage of that low rate.

4 Use A Pre-Buy Program To Lock In A Great Price

Some companies will even offer propane price protection programs to help you save money. For example, the Pre-Buy program from Euliss allows you to pre-buy all of your fuel for the entire year based on the lower summer rates, and guarantees that price through March. Programs like these are a great way to be smarter with your money.

Euliss Is Your North Carolina Source For Better Propane Service

Here at Euliss, giving the customer great value and a great experience is of utmost importance. We offer scheduled propane delivery, price protection programs, appliances and so much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money on propane.

Need propane delivery?

Many homeowners turn to propane as a more economical energy choice. But to fully unlock the value of propane, follow our guide:

Propane Costs Less When Weather Is Mild.

Propane prices are lower in the warm, mild months when propane demand is lower. As the weather turns cold, more homeowners use their heaters, and prices go up.

Mild months also mean more predictable weather, while unexpected cold snaps in winter can suddenly make prices spike. Unexpected winter weather events can even lead to power outages which drives propane demand through the roof.

But even summer months can see higher demand for propane, as children are out of school and families fire up their RVs and campers. A homeowner’s best bet is to avoid both the summer spike and winter demand, and fill up their propane tanks in the mild spring or fall months.

The Best Time To Buy Propane Is Before You Need It.

If you’ve ever suddenly needed propane in the middle of winter, you know that emergency deliveries are more expensive. It’s important to anticipate your future needs and fill up before it’s too late.

Part of planning ahead is getting a system with the right size tank. Too big and you may be fighting regulations, but too small and you’ll find yourself running out of propane on a regular basis. Experienced propane companies can help choose the right tank size and delivery schedule.

Propane Prices Are Lower With Protection Programs.

Some propane companies, like Euliss Propane, even offer price protection programs that will help you spend less by taking advantage of special deals such as:

  • A pre-buy program that locks in a fixed price if you agree to buy a certain amount.
  • A price cap that guarantees your price never exceeds a fixed amount.
  • A budget plan in which yearly usage is estimated up front and paid over 12 equal payments.

Euliss Propane Offers The Best Propane Value.

The experts at Euliss Propane will not only help you pick the right size system for your home, but will help you estimate your usage so that you’re not over-spending or under-filling. Learn more about our price protection programs or contact us to find out how we can help.

Ready For Exceptional Energy?

Many homeowners today are looking for more economical ways to keep warm in the winter. In doing so, they’re sure to come across propane heaters. Before going all in and making that purchase, it’s important to know: do propane heaters really work?

The Small Size Of Propane Heaters Makes Them Ideal For Many Spaces.

Propane heaters can push out a lot of heat from a compact unit–popular Heatstar heaters are rated for up to 30,000 BTUs/hour! This means they can be placed in many areas in which a full fireplace just wouldn’t make sense. They’re perfect for garages, enclosed porches, workshops and more.

The Efficiency Of Propane Heating Means Savings.

Propane heat is simply more efficient than electric heat. Propane can be up to 99.9% efficient, which means that all the energy is converted directly into heat. What you spend is exactly what you get.

Propane Heaters Keep Your Family Safe.

All propane heaters worthy of purchase will include standard safety features such as a safety guard and an automatic shutoff valve if the oxygen level gets too low–no venting or chimney required. With proper installation, they’re a very safe option for keeping your family warm. They’re also better for the environment as they don’t pollute the air.

They’re Available With Different Heating Options To Meet Your Needs.

Propane heaters typically come in two varieties: infrared or blue flame. Infrared heats objects directly and feels like the warmth from a fire. The downside is that they can’t be installed too close to certain objects. Blue flame heaters can be installed anywhere but they heat the air in the room as opposed to objects, meaning that they can take slightly longer to get you feeling warm.

Propane Heaters Really Work.

The benefits of propane heaters are numerous and they’re a great option for heating room additions, recreation rooms, hoop-style greenhouses and more.

If you’re in the market for a propane heater, Euliss Propane offers Heatstar heaters in several options. Get in touch or visit our showroom and we’ll help you choose the perfect heater for your space. We also offer propane-powered Rinnai tankless water heaters and log sets. See why we’re the hometown provider of propane to our North Carolina community?

Ready For Exceptional Energy?

Euliss Propane has been your North Carolina source of LP gas, appliances and services for more than 60 years. As we make our way through this new decade, we thought it was the perfect time to refresh our brand. Even with all the changes we’re making, you can still expect the same great hometown service we’ve been providing for years. Read on to find out what is and isn’t changing!

Introducing Our New Look And Logo!

We’ve refreshed our logo and revamped our brand. Our website has been given a fresh coat of blue paint and reorganized to serve your needs better. You can expect to see an updated look on our trucks, uniforms and documents soon.

Check Out Our New Way To Pay: Euliss Account Portal.

It’s now easier than ever to pay your propane bill online! We’re proud to announce Euliss Account Portal, a convenient single location to pay your bill, view payment history and request propane services. Euliss Account Portal is our only payment website, so be sure to update your bookmarks today.

You Can Expect The Same Great Team & Service Behind Our Brand.

What hasn’t changed is the team behind the Euliss name. We may be wearing new uniforms but we’re still the same knowledgeable and friendly team you’ve come to know and trust.

We’re also committed to the same quality propane service that our North Carolina community deserves. We offer fuel delivery, propane tank installation and maintenance, log sets, emergency support and other propane services. Our price protection programs are still in effect and you can get a $50 credit just by referring a friend!

We’re Still Your North Carolina Propane Company.

We’re proud of our new look and prouder to say that we’re the same hometown North Carolina propane company you’ve come to know and trust. From the Euliss Propane family to yours, thank you for being a customer!

Ready for exceptional energy?