Is A Gas Company Budget Plan A Good Deal?

Are you curious how a budget plan from your local gas company could impact your household finances? This month, we’re answering the question of whether they’re a good deal for customers. Whether you’re seeking stability in your monthly expenses or exploring ways to manage your energy costs more efficiently, we’ve got you covered!

Budget Programs Help Simplify Your Propane Costs.

A budget plan is a payment arrangement between a gas company and its customers, similar to other budget plans offered by electric companies. At Euliss, we estimate your annual propane costs based on your previous usage and divide it into 12 equal payments so you can spread the cost throughout the year.

Gas company technician answering customer questions.

Enrolling In A Budget Plan With Your Gas Company Is Your Best Bet.

Budget plans typically involve spreading your annual heating costs into equal monthly payments, making it easier to plan for your energy expenses. Here are our three reasons why choosing your gas company‘s budget plan is a good deal:

Budget Plans Have Predictable Payments.
If you prefer consistent monthly payments rather than seasonal fluctuations, a budget plan is your friend! It allows you to spread out your propane costs evenly over a year rather than paying for rather than paying for price spikes during the colder months. Your gas company’s budget plan helps you with budgeting and financial planning by providing stability and predictability to your monthly energy expenses.

They Offer Price Stability Month After Month.
At Euliss, our budget plan breaks down your estimated cost into 12 equal payments. That means you’re paying the same amount month after month.

Plus, our budget plan comes with Price Cap Insurance. This insurance offers you a fixed rate for your energy regardless of fluctuations in market prices, shielding you from unexpected spikes and higher bills.

Your Gas Company’s Budget Plan Is Convenient.
Budget plans simplify the billing process by putting you on a routine payment schedule instead of paying for your propane as it is delivered. That way, you can eliminate the need to track your propane usage and make frequent payments! Euliss’s budget plan is a FREE service. There are no fees or finance charges for enrolling.

Enroll Now in Euliss’ Budget Plan For Predictable Energy Expenses.

Take control of your energy expenses by enrolling in our Budget Plan program. Enjoy predictable monthly payments and simplify your Pittsboro home’s energy budget. Plus, you’ll be auto-enrolled in our Price Cap Insurance to ensure no sudden cost spikes. Contact our team today, or sign up online!

Ready To Enroll In Your Local Gas Company’s Budget Plan?