3 Reasons You Should Pre-Buy A Year’s Worth Of Propane Refills

Pre-buying your propane refills for the year can bring peace of mind and predictability to your energy bills. In this blog, we explain our top three reasons why pre-buying propane can be a wise decision for Chapel Hill homeowners looking to manage their propane energy costs and confidently prepare for the year ahead.

What Does Pre-Buying Propane Refills Even Mean?

Pre-buying your propane with Euliss means purchasing your annual supply of propane in advance during the summer when prices are typically lower. Here’s how our Pre-Buy Program works:

Price Agreement: Each year, we set a fixed price per gallon for our Pre-Buy program. Pre-purchase your annual supply of propane before the end of March to receive the fixed price per gallon.

Quantity Commitment: You’ll commit to purchasing a certain quantity of propane at this fixed price over the calendar year.

Payment Schedule: We’ll break down your total pre-buy amount into three equal monthly installments for you!

Euliss technician filling a tank with a propane refill.

Pre-Buying Propane Refills Really Does Pay Itself Off.

Cost Savings & Price Stability Keep Your Wallet Happy.
Purchasing your refills in bulk during the summer comes with a lower per-gallon cost than buying individual refills throughout the year (especially during the peak season)! Pre-buying propane protects you from price fluctuations in the propane market and helps you budget more effectively for your heating expenses.

It Ensures A Steady Supply Of Propane.
Pre-buying propane refills ensures a guaranteed supply of fuel throughout the year and reduces the risk of shortages or delivery delays. You’ll have a reliable fuel source and be prepared for severe weather or shortages!

Pre-Buying Propane Is Convenient & Consistent.
By purchasing a year’s worth of propane refills, you can plan for peak demand seasons or inclement weather. Plus, you’ll have a set payment plan for your pre-purchased refills!

Secure Your Comfort & Savings By Enrolling In Euliss’s Pre-Buy Program.

Join the countless satisfied customers who have trusted Euliss Propane since 1952 for reliable propane delivery and exceptional service. Take control of your propane expenses and purchase propane refills for the next year at a low price! Contact us today to enroll in our pre-buy program.

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