Propane Safety 101: How To Teach Your Kids About Propane

As a parent or grandparent in Randolph County, your top priority is keeping your loved ones safe. That includes teaching your kids about propane. At Euliss, we want everyone, especially kids, to know how to act safely around propane equipment and understand what to do in emergencies. Here are a few ideas for approaching propane safety with your family.

Let The Kids Be Your Propane Safety Rangers For A Day.

Young kids love feeling like heroes, and what better way to boost their confidence than by putting them in charge of a home safety inspection? Pick a day to conduct a “Propane Safety Inspection,” make them a star badge that reads “Propane Ranger,” give them an official clipboard with a checklist ready to go and let them lead the way. This activity will allow you to reinforce precautions in a practical, engaging way.

Your safety inspection checklist could include tasks like:

  • Count how many appliances use propane in our house
  • Learn what propane smells like (think rotten eggs or a skunk!)
  • Find and test every gas and carbon monoxide detector in your house
  • Learn how gas travels (spray air freshener from across the room and ask them to tell you when they can smell it)

*Bonus points if your Ranger performs their ‘safety check’ just before your annual inspection with Euliss; that way, your child can ask our technicians questions if they have them!

Designate & Decorate A Meeting Place For Emergencies.

On your inspection day, choose a safe spot away from your home as your family’s emergency meeting place. Involve your children in creating a marker for this spot, such as a painted rock or wooden post and explain the safest ways to get there in an emergency. This is a simple yet effective way to ensure everyone knows where to go, making your family’s safety plan clear.

*Bonus points if you hold a propane leak drill and practice your plan together. Practicing will help them build even more confidence should they ever encounter a real emergency.

Use Your Child’s Curiosity As An Opportunity To Teach Fire Safety.

Curiosity in children (especially teens) is natural. They might be drawn to how things work, including the propane used in a grill, fire pit, or heater. Use their curiosity as an opportunity to educate them on handling propane safely. Show them our safety videos and explain the importance of fire safety. By being open to their questions, you’ll prepare them to use propane responsibly as adults.

Trust Euliss For Safe Propane Delivery In Randolph County.

Remember, safety is a team effort, and every family member has a role to play. At Euliss, we prioritize safety in everything we do. Read why propane is a safer fuel, check out our propane safety videos and don’t hesitate to contact us with any propane safety questions!

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