5 Reasons Why Propane Is The Safer Fuel

Happy Euliss team member checking propane

North Carolina homeowners: are you curious about propane but worried about safety? Propane is actually very safe! Read on to find out families across the state are turning to this fuel for their homes.

1 Many Propane-Powered Space Heaters Can Be Used Indoors

When choosing a propane space heater, simply look for one that is rated for indoor use. As long as the heater is rated appropriately, and you keep it away from any combustible materials, you can heat up that garage without fear. The other benefits of space heaters, such as their efficient warming and quick heat up time, make them a wonderful option for homeowners who need a little more warmth.

2 Propane Leaks Don’t Hurt The Environment

As you may know, it can be a big deal when a traditional fuel leaks; some spills can take years to clean up and can have major effects on the environment. Luckily, liquid propane quickly dissipates into the air―so in the rare event that a leak occurs, there’s no spill to clean up. And more importantly, because it’s non-toxic, it can’t contaminate soil or water.

3 Detecting A Leak Is Easy

The fuel is required by law to have an additive called mercaptan which gives it a distinct smell similar to rotten eggs. Most families will never experience a leak, but if you do you’ll know immediately. (If you smell rotten eggs, immediately turn off any open flames, get away from the source, and call our emergency line.)

4 Propane Doesn’t Degrade Over Time

Some fuels, such as diesel or gasoline, can go bad over time. Propane, on the other hand, will stay good almost indefinitely as long as it is properly stored. With proper installation of a storage tank and regular maintenance and fill ups, you can expect few problems. This means you never have to worry about it being less safe or less efficient due to age.

5 It Doesn’t Ignite As Easily

Propane actually has a high ignition temperature: about 940℉. While you should take safety seriously and keep the fuel away from any open flames, you can rest assured that the fuel will not spontaneously ignite in normal conditions.

Euliss Can Help You Switch To Safe Propane

If you’re ready to switch your home to the safer, more efficient fuel, contact us today. Our talented service team can install almost any kind of appliance, from tankless water heaters to gas ranges. We’ve been in the industry since 1952 so we have the experience and expertise that North Carolina families rely on for their propane needs.

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