The 3 Reasons Why Propane Is Better For The Environment

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These days, many North Carolina families are concerned about the environment. Good news: propane is actually better for the environment than other comparable fuels! If you’re striving to be more eco-conscious, read on to find out why switching to propane is the responsible thing to do.

1 Propane Is The Less Wasteful Fuel

One of the best properties of propane is that it’s much more efficient than other fuels―meaning that almost all of it is converted to energy or heat, with almost no waste. For anyone trying to be less wasteful with natural resources, this fuel is a great choice. Even if you’re not too concerned about being wasteful, it’s always nice to get as much out of your fuel as you pay for. Less waste means more money saved!

Some local propane companies offer automatic delivery which can help you be even more efficient with your usage. Here at Euliss, for example, we can estimate your expected usage based on past data and only fill you up when necessary. The fuel doesn’t degrade over time but it’s still nice to know that you’re only paying for as much as you need.

2 Government Bodies Recognize It As A Clean Energy Alternative

Propane was designated as a “clean energy alternative” by the EPA in the 1992 Energy Policy Act, and is an approved alternative fuel under the 1990 Clean Air Act. This is because of its high efficiency and the fact that it has a much lower carbon footprint than comparable fuels. When you use it to power your appliances or heat your home, you can rest assured that you’re not contributing to any negative environmental effects.

3 Leaks Won’t Harm The Environment

It’s important to note that propane leaks are rare, but in the event that one does occur it won’t harm the environment. The liquid state of the fuel almost instantly dissipates into the air instead of pooling up―so you never have to worry about a years-long spill cleanup like with some other fuels. Being non-toxic as well, you can rest assured that it won’t contaminate soil or water.

Euliss Is Your Source For Environmentally Friendly Propane

There are so many other reasons that propane is a great fuel, which is why we here at Euliss have been selling it for over 50 years. If you care about the environment and want to switch your home to the more responsible fuel, propane, contact us today!

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