Propane vs. Electric Heat: What’s The Right Choice For Your Home?

Are you debating between propane and electric heat for your Randolph County, NC, home? Making the right choice can significantly impact your comfort and energy costs. Electric heat, sourced from burning fuels like natural gas or coal, is known for its energy-producing capabilities but requires extensive infrastructure to deliver that energy to your home. On the other hand, propane (LPG) offers a more direct conversion from fuel to heat right in your home.

From lower operating costs to compatibility with multiple appliances, LPG presents itself as a compelling alternative. In this blog, we’ll dive into the key facts to help you determine which option is right for your home.

Propane Furnaces Provide Warmer Heat Than Their Electric Counterparts.

Both propane and electric heat present unique characteristics that warrant careful consideration to determine which is the right choice for your household.

Propane furnaces excel in performance, heating air to temperatures between 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in short intervals to minimize operating costs. Electric heat pumps may struggle to provide adequate warmth, with air temperatures often below body temperature, leading to a cooler indoor environment.

Additionally, propane has proven to be cost-effective. LPG heating systems cost far less than their electric counterparts, as highlighted by the US Department of Energy.

Euliss technician providing a propane refill to a home in North Carolina.

Propane Appliances Last Longer & Provide Long-Term Savings

Propane furnaces and appliances are renowned for their durability, often outlasting their electric counterparts by a significant margin. Electric systems may require more frequent replacement due to wear and tear, while propane furnaces can last for decades with proper maintenance, providing you with peace of mind and long-term savings.

LPG appliances also have the added bonus of functioning independently from the electrical grid and can provide you and your family with access to essential household appliances when the power goes out.

LP Gas Has Been Proven To Be A Clean & Eco-Friendly Fuel Choice.

Unlike traditional fossil fuels, LPG combustion produces significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants. With its proven track record of reducing harmful emissions and versatility across various industries, propane continues to be a leading choice for homes and businesses committed to environmental stewardship.

Euliss Is Here To Help You Make The Switch.

Thinking about making the switch? We’ve got your back every step of the way. Our team is here to make your transition smooth and hassle-free! Whether you need advice on the benefits of propane, questions about our installation process or ongoing support, we’ve got you covered! When you choose Euliss, you can trust you’re choosing a reliable and efficient energy solution for your Randolph County, NC, home. Contact us today to get started with your switch to propane!

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