How a Space Heater Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill.

Amidst rising energy expenses, finding ways to reduce your utility bills without sacrificing comfort has never been more crucial. Incorporating a space heater into your home’s heating strategy can significantly save energy bills while keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the chilly seasons in your Winston-Salem home.

Space Heaters Offer Efficient Localized Heat While Expending Less Energy.

Space heaters offer the perfect solution for localized heat, providing targeted warmth precisely where it’s most needed. They work by warming up specific areas or rooms, like your office or living room, instead of heating your entire home. Additionally, they are great for cold zones in your home, allowing you to heat those areas without having to bump up the thermostat.

By heating only the spaces you occupy, rather than expending energy on unoccupied spaces, space heaters can significantly reduce your overall energy usage and minimize utility bills. They’re a great choice to save money on heating and ensure you’re comfortable in colder weather.

Euliss technician performing space heater maintenance.

Our Top Tips For Saving Money With Space Heaters.

By strategically placing space heaters in high-traffic areas and selecting models tailored to your home’s size and layout, you can enjoy consistent warmth and comfort while effectively managing heating costs. Here are some of our top tips for using space heaters to save money:

Choose An Energy-Efficient Model: Look for space heaters with programmable thermostats and automatic shut-off to regulate heat output and minimize energy usage. 

Strategic Placement: Place your heater in areas where you spend the most time, such as your living room or home office, to maximize its effectiveness and reduce the need to heat your entire home.

Seal Drafts & Gaps: Properly seal your home’s windows and doors to prevent heat loss, and keep the warmth generated by space heaters inside your home.

Practice Mindful Energy Consumption: Be mindful of your energy usage habits and adjust your space heater settings to optimize efficiency and save on energy bills.

We’re Your Trusted Local Space Heater Supplier.

Our team has been dedicated to distributing, installing and servicing space heaters and other propane appliances across central North Carolina for nearly seven decades. We’ve remained steadfast in upholding rigorous standards for all our staff to deliver exceptional customer service. When you choose Euliss for your home’s propane and space heater needs, you can count on superior installation and maintenance of your equipment and systems. Ready to save money on your energy bills? Contact us today to learn more about our space heaters for your Winston-Salem home!

Customer going over space heater savings with Euliss technician in front of their two-story home.

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