Hot Take: Space Heaters vs. Central Heating

Is a space heater the ideal heating solution for your Pleasant Garden home? Or is central heating better? There are a lot of factors to consider which one is right for you. How big of a space needs to be heated? How will it affect your power bills? How do you know which option is right for you? This article explains the benefits of each to find the best fit for your comfort and budget.

The Benefits Of A Space Heater: Efficient, Cost Effective & Cozy.

Efficient Localized Heating For Any Room.

Say goodbye to chilly rooms and spots in your home with a propane space heater. With no venting or chimney required, you can place a space heater virtually anywhere in your home for consistent and reliable heat all season.

Space Heaters Are Easy To Install & Use.

Unlike a central heating system, space heater installation is relatively easy. All you need to do is buy a heater and place it virtually anywhere for consistent and reliable heat all season long!

Propane Space Heaters Provide Warmth Even When The Power Goes Out.

A propane space heater lets you heat isolated living spaces in your home all winter. Our inventory of Heatstar heaters delivers consistent heat to your home with excellent efficiency. Plus, they’re a great backup heat source when the power goes.

Euliss technician installing space heater at a Pleasant Garden Home.

The Pros Of Central Heating: Centralized Warmth For Your Home.

Ideal For Large Spaces & Homes.

Central heating systems efficiently warm entire homes, making them well-suited for larger spaces. The system ensures that every corner of your home receives consistent temperature.

Evenly Distributes Heat Across Many Rooms.

Central heating systems distribute warmth throughout the different spaces of your home. This even distribution eliminates cold spots and provides a seamless heating experience, making it particularly beneficial for larger homes with multiple rooms. The centralized approach enhances overall comfort and convenience for a comprehensive heating solution.

Factors You Should Weigh For Choosing Your Home’s Heating Solution.

Watch Your Power Bills & Utility Costs.

It’s no secret that heating contributes significantly to these expenses, and choosing between space heaters and central heating can impact your overall budget. Make a heating choice that aligns with your comfort needs and financial considerations.

Consider The Urgency Of Your Need For Heating.

Space heaters offer more immediate warmth in specific areas, prioritizing quick comfort without the waiting time associated with central heating.

The delayed response of central heating may pose challenges for quick and efficient heating solutions.

Understand The Space You Need To Heat.

Propane space heaters provide localized heating for the space they’re installed in, whereas central heating provides heating for your entire house. While this feature of central heating may be beneficial for maintaining a consistent temperature, the widespread distribution might lead to unnecessary heating in unoccupied areas, potentially resulting in increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

High-Quality Space Heater Installation, Every Time.

Our dedicated team specializes in delivering high-quality space heater service to every Pleasant Garden customer—from sales to installation to maintenance. When you choose Euliss for your space heater needs, you can depend on reliable and top-notch service. Contact us today to schedule your space heater installation!

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