Propane Tank Safety Tips For Snowfall.

With the winter season settling in and snow likely on the way, getting your propane tank ready to withstand any weather conditions is crucial, especially in Greensboro, NC. Our safety tips will help you get ready for any weather this season so that you can tackle winter without worry.

Prep Your Propane Tank Before The Snowstorm Arrives.

Mark The Location Of Your Tank.

Using a brightly colored flag to mark where your tank is located is essential for visibility during a snowstorm. This simple step ensures that you, plow drivers and our service technicians can easily see and access the tank if necessary.

Inform Your Plow Operator.

If you use a snow removal service, let the operator know the location of any propane equipment on your property so they can avoid that area while using machinery and keep your tank safe.

Protect Your Tank During & After Snowfall.

Maintain A Clear Path To Your Propane Tank.

Before you need an emergency propane delivery or maintenance to your tank, clear the walkway from your driveway to your tank’s location. The path must be at least 10 feet wide and cleared for our trucks and technicians to access it without any obstacles, ice or snow.

Remove Snow From Your Tank.

Contrary to common belief, a blanket of snow doesn’t insulate or keep your tank warm. In cold temperatures, propane contracts and reduces the pressure inside the tank, which can lead to inadequate power for your system. Use a broom or snow brush to clear the snow from it effectively and without harming the tank’s structure or integrity.

Check Your Gauge Levels.

Falling below the 30% mark on your tank can pose a significant risk—there might not be enough pressure to power your appliances effectively. This shortage could leave your heater, fireplace, tankless water heater and other essentials without energy when you need it most!

Checking your propane thank gauge before it snows.

Euliss Is Here For You 24/7 For Any Propane Emergency.

Whether it’s a suspected leak, accidental damage or running low on fuel, our experienced team is here to help. You can count on us for prompt response times and solutions to keep your propane system running smoothly for your Greensboro home. Stay warm and worry-free this winter with Euliss Propane—schedule your propane tank refill to stay prepared for this season’s demands!

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