This Is When You Should Schedule Propane Delivery

You can wait until the E starts flashing to get gas for your car. Unfortunately, you can’t cut it that close with a propane delivery. By waiting too long, you risk running out of fuel or paying emergency delivery fees. This article outlines the best time to request a delivery and the technology that takes the guesswork out of the process.

technician pointing to 30% full on propane tank

Request A Propane Delivery When Your Gauge Reads 30% Full.

Reaching out for a delivery when your tank gauge is about 30% full is our recommendation. In most circumstances, this leaves you with enough fuel to use until your local propane company can schedule and make the delivery without elevating it to an emergency delivery status.

Remember—80% is a full propane tank. We only fill tanks to 80% to allow room for vaporization. So, if your gauge is reading 40%, your tank is half full. When it gets to 30%, give us a call to be safe.

If You Wait Too Long, You Could Pay For An Emergency Delivery.

No matter how diligent you are, it’s easy to run out of propane during unexpected weather events or cold snaps. If you forget to monitor your gauge or wait too long, you could pay for an emergency propane delivery, which is much more costly than regular service.

Tank Monitors & Auto-Fill Take The Guesswork Out Of Scheduling Deliveries.

To avoid running out unexpectedly, we recommend all customers install a tank monitor or sign up for our Auto-Fill Program (or both!) Here’s how they help with timing your propane delivery.

  • A Tank Monitor is a wireless device that attaches to your propane tank and constantly tracks your levels and usage. You can set notifications for when your propane reaches a certain level—sent right to your cell phone! With this technology, you know exactly when to schedule, preventing the need for emergency service.
  • The Auto-Fill Program uses the number of propane appliances you have, past usage records, and local weather to estimate when you need a delivery. Your spot in line is guaranteed, and delivery itself is always free. With Auto-Fill, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of tracking your propane usage or remembering to call!
propane tank with tank monitor installed

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Whether you live in Pleasant Garden, Greensboro, Burlington or elsewhere in Central North Carolina, you can rely on Euliss. As a locally-owned propane company, taking care of our customers is our top priority. We’ll make sure you get the service you need, no matter what. To schedule propane delivery today, get in touch.

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