What’s A Propane Tank Monitor & Why You Need One

Running out of propane is everyone’s worst nightmare. Whether it’s the dead of winter or you need a generator during hurricane season, having fuel when you need it is essential.

That’s where tank monitors come in. Read on as we explain what they are, their benefits and how to get one installed.

What Is A Propane Tank Monitor?

A tank monitor is a wireless device that attaches to your existing propane tank and constantly tracks your levels and usage. It runs on a battery, reads your tank’s gauge, and then sends the information to pre-authorized locations like your cell phone and local propane company account.

propane tank monitor technology sitting on on top of residential propane tank.

The Benefits Of Tank Monitors Provide Peace Of Mind.

Tank monitors are popular among residential and commercial customers because of the many benefits. Here are a few of the advantages they offer.

  1. You Can Check Your Levels From Anywhere.
    The technology takes the guesswork out of how full your tank is. Your current propane level is easily accessed any time through any device—even your phone.
  2. Monitors Give More Accurate Readings.
    Monitors give more accurate data than a physical gauge alone, and the data is available through your app 24/7. That means you never have to deal with the hassle of trudging out to check your propane gauge in the middle of winter.
  3. Monitors Come With Automatic Alerts To Schedule Service.
    A monitor allows you to track your propane usage closely all year round. You can set automatic alerts when your propane reaches set levels so you stay informed and know exactly when to anticipate and schedule your next service.
  4. Tank Monitors Make Deliveries More Flexible For Everyone.
    With the automated alerts going to you and your local propane provider, you never have to worry about being left in the cold. A tank monitor makes timing your delivery more flexible, eliminates unnecessary deliveries and prevents emergency service–saving everyone time and money.

Euliss Propane Installs Tank Monitors In Denton, NC And Beyond.

Euliss Propane’s tank monitor systems make it convenient to keep track of your propane usage. Get in touch if you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your propane levels.

We can have you up and running for a $75 installation fee plus a $4.65 (+tax) monthly charge. Sign up for a propane tank monitor today for peace of mind tomorrow!

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