Propane Tank Safety: 5 Tips For Grilling Season

Many Greensboro grillmasters grill all year round, but spring and summer mean more outdoor gatherings for most people. Review these five propane tank safety tips before you fire up the grill for your next barbecue.

man with propane cylinder tank

1. Secure Your Propane Tank In Transport.

Safety starts when you bring your propane tank home. First, keep the cylinder upright so it doesn’t fall, shift or roll. Never keep a filled cylinder in a hot car or transport it in a closed trunk and always drive straight to your destination and immediately remove the cylinder from your vehicle.

2. Store Your Tank In A Well-Ventilated Area.

Once home, store your cylinder in a well-ventilated area. Keep it outside and at least 10 feet from your house, never in a basement, garage or shed. Ensure the storage area never experiences excess heat (120 degrees or higher), which means never keep it near a stove, fireplace or other heat source–including your grill!

3. Check The Connection For Gas Leaks Before Every Use.

Before every use, check the connection for leaks. First, make sure your grill is turned off! Once you close the fitting between the tank and the grill, spray a leak detector solution or soapy water at the connection point. Then, open the valve. If bubbles appear, close the connection, tighten it and repeat the process. Review your manufacturer’s instructions for additional information.

4. Extinguish All Flames, Every Time.

We cannot stress this safety tip enough. Always extinguish flames before using a propane grill. Do not smoke, vape or have ignition sources such as flames or spark-producing electrical tools in the area while handling or transporting cylinders.

5. Stay Close To Your Grill While It’s In Use.

Last but not least, stay close and never leave your grill unattended while using it. Know your grill’s proper lighting and re-lighting procedures if the flame goes out. Once you’re done grilling, close the cylinder valve and seal it with a plug. Need a plug? Contact your local propane company.

Trust Euliss For Safe Propane Tank Delivery In Greensboro, NC.

At Euliss, we prioritize safety in everything we do. Read why propane is a safer fuel, and check out our propane safety videos to learn more before enjoying a safe grilling season. If you have more questions about keeping your propane tank safe, contact us today!

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