Prepare For Power Outages With Propane

Power outages disrupt daily life, causing discomfort and inconvenience for residents in Burlington, NC. From sudden blackouts to extended periods without electricity, power outages often leave homes without essential appliances, heating and hot water. 

However, there’s a reliable solution: propane. With its versatility and reliability, propane offers a lifeline during power outages, ensuring comfort and warmth even when the power grid fails.

Keep Up Your Routine With Propane.

Propane is your hero behind the scenes, ensuring your daily routine remains uninterrupted, even during a power outage. It can power your tankless water heater, dishwasher, generator, gas stovetop, fireplace and more! Burlington residents who choose propane energy will still be able to take hot showers, cook, and keep warm with a space heater, even when they can’t use electricity. Propane isn’t just fuel—it can help maintain your household to ensure your life continues seamlessly.

Home that is prepared for a possible power outage with propane.

Propane Is The Perfect Standby Fuel Choice.

Propane is the ultimate fuel choice to have on hand when the power goes out based on the following qualities:

Stability & Reliability: Propane stands the test of time. Unlike other fuels, it doesn’t degrade. It’s a reliable choice for power outages and emergencies and is ready whenever you need it.

Extended Energy Supply: Propane offers continuous energy to ensure your household remains functional and comfortable during extended power outages. Don’t forget to check your tank levels before an emergency to make sure they aren’t empty!

Cost Predictability: Euliss’s affordability and price protection programs eliminate unexpected expenses with propane. We aim to make it an affordable and reliable energy choice for North Carolina residents.

Our Top Safety Tips To Know Before A Power Outage.

Before a power outage strikes, it’s essential to prioritize safety for yourself and your loved ones. We have a few tips for you to follow before the power goes out:

  1. Never operate a portable gas-powered generator indoors or in confined spaces.
  2. Don’t use outdoor propane appliances, like propane grills, inside your home.
  3. Refrain from storing a propane cylinder in an enclosed area such as a basement or shed.
  4. Don’t get caught with an empty propane tank! Make sure your tank levels are above 30% before extreme weather comes.
  5. Make sure you know what propane smells like, so you can spot a leak immediately.

Count On Euliss Propane For Comfort & Convenience In Burlington, NC.

When you need propane delivered to your home, you can rely on Euliss Propane to be there for you. As a locally-owned propane company, our customers’ well-being is our top priority. Euliss is dedicated to exceptional service and providing your home with high-quality propane. Contact us today to schedule a delivery or convert your home to propane to prepare for a power outage.

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