How To Save Money & Heat Your Home For Less

If you made any goals for the new year, chances are that finding new ways to save money is one of them. The team here at Euliss wants our customers to save as much as possible, with or without propane. So we’ve put together some quick tips for heating your home for less this winter.

Start Saving Money Now With These Heating Habits

Healthy habits are on a lot of our minds in January. And while we can’t really help you eat better or exercise more, we can help you with your heating habits. Start with these three money-saving habits:

  1. Use Draft Stoppers On Your Doors. Just like winter hats keep the heat inside your body, draft stoppers keep the heat inside your house. Place them under your doors and start saving immediately! Tip: If you don’t own draft stoppers – try using your summer beach towels.
  2. Swap Your Curtains With The Season. Swap out your light, summer curtains for heavier, thermal-lined curtains in the winter. More insulation and protection from drafts will mean more savings.
  3. Use The Sun As A Heat Source – It’s Free. We know it sounds simple, but you can save money when you take advantage of the sun! Open the curtains on your windows when the sun is pouring through them. This will help warm your spaces for free! Be sure to close your curtains every night to keep that hard-earned heat in.

Schedule Maintenance Services To Increase Savings

Just like you schedule routine maintenance on your car, it’s important to schedule professional service of your propane appliances. If it’s been a year or more since technicians serviced your space heater, gas log set or tankless water heater, contact your local propane company. The professionals will find any potential issues and fix them before they require costly repairs!

Make These Smart Swaps To Save Big With Propane

We know heating your home for (a lot) less won’t happen with these tips alone. So if you’re serious about saving money – read more in our Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Propane. It outlines the benefits of switching to propane, the best time of year to buy propane, and how using propane appliances can save you money.

couple discussing how to save money with propane employee in front of home.

Euliss Is Your North Carolina Source For Propane Savings

Here at Euliss, giving the customer the best value is of utmost importance. We offer scheduled propane delivery, referral programs, price protection programs, appliances and so much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money on propane.

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