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Homeowners in North Carolina love propane because it’s the cheaper, more efficient fuel. But with it being more important than ever to save money where possible, the same homeowners are probably wondering how to get the best propane prices possible. We here at Euliss have put together this handy guide to getting the best prices.

1 Shop Around To Find Lower Propane Prices

An easy step you can take is to contact your local propane company and ask their price per gallon. This information is typically not available online, but any trustworthy company should be able to give you a free quote. Just be sure to keep in mind that the lowest price per gallon isn’t necessarily the best choice.

2 Read Reviews For The Full Picture

Even more important than a low price per gallon is great customer service. A low price doesn’t mean much if the company won’t return your calls when you need service! You’ll want to choose a local company who is responsive to service requests and has programs to keep you topped off all year, so that you can avoid costly emergency service charges.

3 Propane Prices Are Lower In Summer

The price of propane fluctuates throughout the year as demand increases and decreases. The best time to buy is generally the summer, when mild weather means that demand is low. Instead of waiting to fill up right when you need it, think ahead and fill up during summer to take advantage of that low rate.

4 Use A Pre-Buy Program To Lock In A Great Price

Some companies will even offer propane price protection programs to help you save money. For example, the Pre-Buy program from Euliss allows you to pre-buy all of your fuel for the entire year based on the lower summer rates, and guarantees that price through March. Programs like these are a great way to be smarter with your money.

Euliss Is Your North Carolina Source For Better Propane Service

Here at Euliss, giving the customer great value and a great experience is of utmost importance. We offer scheduled propane delivery, price protection programs, appliances and so much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you save money on propane.

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