Is A Gas Fireplace Insert Worth It?

Closeup of a fireplace insert

Wondering if a gas fireplace insert is worth it? The short answer is: probably! Fireplace inserts have several advantages over traditional fireplaces. Read on to learn our top reasons for making the switch.

A Fireplace Insert Is Safer For Families

Inserts are great for families because they’re safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Propane and natural gas burn much more cleanly than wood, which means no dangerous sparks entering your living room. The glass front panel also prevents pets and little ones from getting too close to the flames, or items accidentally getting tossed in. You don’t have to worry about the dangers of splitting wood either.

Smart Design Means Easier Operation

Another great thing about fireplace inserts is that they’re extremely easy to operate! Simply turn a dial or click a button on your remote and you can enjoy instant flames. The flames are easily adjustable too—unlike traditional fireplaces, you can quickly and easily adjust the heat output to your desired level. There’s no hassle of chopping wood (or paying for it) and you don’t have to go through the annoying process of arranging logs and tending to the fledgling fire.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Are Less Wasteful

Like a gas log set, a fireplace insert runs on clean propane or natural gas. These fuels burn much more cleanly than wood; almost all of the fuel is transformed directly into heat. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every cent you spend on gas is going directly toward keeping your family warm. Since you can control the heat output, you have even more control over how much fuel is used every time you use the fireplace. And with our tips for getting the best propane prices, you can save even more.

Guilford County Families Choose Euliss For A Fireplace Insert

We’ve been in business since 1952, so you can count on Euliss for expert installation and maintenance of home heating solutions. We even offer price protection plans and automatic propane delivery through our customer portal. If you’re looking for a gas fireplace insert in Guilford County, get in touch!

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