Are Vent Free Gas Logs Better?

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Are Vent Free Gas Logs Better?

Have you noticed that vent free gas logs are becoming more popular lately? In 2022, we’re seeing many more Randolph County homeowners choose these ventless models. Read on to find out the difference between vented and vent free log sets, as well as their benefits over traditional fireplaces.

What Are Vent Free Gas Logs?

A vent free log set (also known as ventless gas logs) is a heat source that can be installed into many existing fireplaces to provide the warmth of a fire without the hassle of a traditional fireplace. Running on natural gas or propane, they produce flames between artificial (but extremely realistic) logs. They’re a great choice for upgrading an existing fireplace in a living room or family room.

Why Are Vent Free Log Sets Better Than Traditional Fireplaces?

Log sets have so many advantages over traditional fireplaces. Because they feature permanent artificial logs, you can choose exactly the style that you want. They come in a wide variety of “wood types,” all arranged for a lasting stylish look. Vent free log sets are also extremely easy to use: rather than dealing with the hassle of chopping wood and starting a fire, you simply click a button to enjoy warm, cozy flames.

The Difference Between Vented & Vent Free Log Sets

Log sets are available in two main types: vented or vent free. With venting models, they take in fresh air from the outside, use it to produce the flame, then vent it back outside. Vent free gas log sets are newer, and are designed to combine air and fuel at very specific levels so that they burn extremely cleanly. This allows them to drop the requirement for any kind of venting to the outside. This means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to retrofit your existing chimney with proper venting, and you save money over time because you don’t lose any heat to the outdoors.

Choose Euliss For Vent Free Gas Logs In Randolph County

Ready to upgrade your living room with a beautiful, efficient log set? As the local propane company in Randolph County, you can trust us to give you the beautiful fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch to learn more about our vent free gas logs today.

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