When Should You Schedule Propane Delivery?

Heating bills can quickly pile up during unpredictable winters. Scheduling propane delivery at the right times plays a major role in keeping those bills as low as possible. Here are some of our best tips for keeping your family warm this winter without breaking the bank:

In The Winter, Keep Bills Low By Avoiding Emergency Propane Delivery

A single emergency delivery during the winter can have a huge impact on your budget. So in winter, the best time to schedule propane delivery is before you run out. Keep an eye on your usage: if you turned on your gas log set earlier this year, or if your propane appliances are running more than usual or if you have new family members in the household, you may be using more propane than you think. Check your propane levels now and give your local propane company a call if you’ll need a fillup soon.

Reduce Hassle With Tank Monitors & Auto-Fill

It’s easy enough to say that you should check your propane level often, but trudging around the back of the house—especially in extreme cold or snow—can be a pain. It’s also hard to check the gauge if it’s inconveniently placed, or if you have mobility issues. Choose a propane company that offers tank monitors and auto-fill to reduce this hassle. You’ll stay fueled throughout the winter without having to set foot outside.

Shop Smartly Throughout The Year To Save On Propane

Already fully stocked for the winter? Check our article about the best times to buy during every season and make notes on your calendar. You can save a lot of money over the year just by purchasing strategically and signing up for our price protection programs!

Euliss employee filling up tank during propane delivery

With Great Local Service From Euliss, Any Time Is A Good Time For Propane Delivery

As a locally owned company, taking care of our customers is one of our top priorities. Whether you need a regular fillup or emergency service in the middle of the night, we have real, local representatives ready to take your call. We’ll make sure you get the service you need, no matter what. To schedule propane delivery today, get in touch.

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