Watch Our Brand Video: Why Central North Carolina Trusts Us For Exceptional Energy

Want to learn a little bit more about Euliss and our values? We recently put together this video featuring interviews from our staff and customers. We hope it captures our goal to be the locally owned gas company that provides exceptional energy at an affordable rate. Watch now or read the transcript below:

Chris – The core values of Euliss are to provide exceptional energy at an affordable rate. The most important thing about being local is that your employees are local. Our employees live in the communities that we serve. Our customers expect and receive exceptional service, with quality customer service, dependable technicians and drivers, and we hear it from ’em all the time, how pleased they are.

Donna – Working with Euliss is like working with a friend. You get a live person when you call on the phone. Euliss helped us when nobody else would help.

Robin – Euliss is different from other energy providers, because number one is their professionalism and they actually care about my needs, and they provide what I need when I need it. I would highly recommend Euliss.

Ellis – Yeah, when they come out to do the planning, that’s a huge help, because I’m not a gas person. I don’t know what I’m doing with gas. I just know what I want. And then with the consultation process they take my wants and give me a plan. I wish all my remodeling projects went just as good.

David – Whether they’re a homeowner or a construction owner, we help them with decisions on appliances and products and also on our service packages. At Euliss, we have various options that we cover, whether it’s our budget or our pre-buy or our capped programs, as far as being affordable for our customer.

Patricia – I appreciate the fact that they’re locally owned. They know they have a good business. They take care of their customers. And so the customers love them. I’m just very open and honest about what I need, and they’re great listeners and they respond. I’m just ever so happy with Euliss.

Travis – We install anywhere from logs to tankless water heaters, to water heaters, space heaters. We even do tank sets and running line in the yards. From the system we use for our deliveries, from the office to the service desk to the delivery drivers, and it all just kind of coexist and work very well together.

Chris – Our vision for the future is to continue to be the number one propane supplier in Central North Carolina. We believe there are a lot of customers in our area that are still looking for the service that Euliss provides, and we wanna be here for those customers.