How To Choose A Gas Log Set In 2022

Thinking about replacing your aging wood-burning fireplace with a new gas log set? Or simply want to upgrade a decades-old log set to a modern model? There are lots of options to consider these days. The friendly team at Euliss has put together this quick guide to the various things you need to consider when buying a set:

What’s The Difference Between A Vented & Vent-Free Gas Log Set?

Each gas log set will be either vented or vent-free. The big distinction is that vented sets need ventilation (a functional chimney) to operate, while vent-free sets do not. Vented sets are typically more affordable and produce heat that feels very similar to real wood. However, they require a working chimney and may produce some soot.

Vent-free gas logs, on the other hand, can be installed in traditional or vent-free fireplaces. The reduced ventilation means almost none of the heat is lost to the outside, so your room will heat even more quickly. However, they are slightly more costly and will need additional attention when being installed.

Choose The Right Logs For Your Fireplace

It’s also important to take into consideration the size of your fireplace; you won’t be able to fit a log set that is too big for the space, and choosing one that’s too small can look awkward. The good news is the local propane company near you can help you with this decision: supply them with measurements of the inside of your fireplace and they can direct you to sets that will work for your space.

There Are Several Models Of Gas Log Set To Choose From

The really fun part of gas log sets is choosing one that matches your personal design taste. Sets come in a variety of log styles that mimic real wood. Choose birch for a more modern look or charred oak for a rustic feeling. There are even sets with glowing embers for an even more realistic look. Combined with a thermostat remote, you can enjoy quick, convenient, efficient heat in a beautiful package at the click of a button.

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