How To Save Money With A Space Heater

Winter is just around the corner, which means high heating bills. To save this season, consider space heaters! Though small in stature, these appliances can keep your most-used rooms warm and cozy all season long—without breaking the bank.

1 Turn Down The Thermostat

In the winter, many of us naturally want to stay in smaller, cozier spaces. If you own a large home or live by yourself, you may find that most of the living space is going unused during these cold months. With that being the case, you can turn down the shared thermostat to a lower level and only heat up the spaces that you actually use. This is a super easy way to keep your home comfortable without spending much money!

2 Know When To Use Space Heaters & When Not To

Not every heater is appropriate for every room. When purchasing a new space heater, be sure to choose one that’s rated for the size of room you plan to use it in (ask your local gas company if you need help). If you choose one that’s too small for the room, it will have to work extra hard to warm the space, which negates the savings. Furthermore, be sure you’re only heating a couple of rooms at a time with heaters; using them for your whole house will actually cost more than central heating.

3 Keep Your Space Heater Winter Ready

You may not realize it, but space heaters actually require regular maintenance to run their best. You should be getting your heater cleaned and inspected yearly. This will not only keep it running efficiently—using less energy and costing you less money—but will also protect your investment by catching potential issues early.

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Euliss Propane Is The Trusted Source For New Space Heaters & Heater Service

As the local propane company near you in Randolph County and Guilford County, you can trust Euliss for all of your winter heating needs. We not only carry a variety of heaters, but also offer a yearly space heater service plan to keep your unit running its best! If you’d like to learn more about our space heater options, contact us today.

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