The Benefits Of Choosing A Local Gas Company Near You

When choosing a local gas company, you may be able to choose between a large, nationally recognized propane company, or a local, independent one. You may think that the larger company is usually the better choice, but the opposite is actually true. Local companies typically provide a better propane experience for homeowners. Read on to learn the top benefits of choosing local.

Local Propane Companies Are Staffed By People You Know

Here at Euliss, we have operated out of our Liberty, North Carolina office for decades. Our staff is composed of professionals from the area who are not only knowledgeable and capable, but who really care about their fellow citizens. Being from the area means we care; we care that you save money, we care that you have heat in the winter, that you have hot water when you need it, that you can get quick service when something breaks. The same is rarely true of larger corporations who only view you as a number.

A Local Gas Company Is More Likely To Provide Great Propane Services

Another benefit of choosing local is that you get access to propane services such as tankless water heater maintenance, gas log set repair, help converting to propane appliances and so on. While these services are essential for homeowners, they require more time from the gas company and are not as profitable as propane delivery—which is why many companies stop offering them as soon as they are bought by a larger national company. Sticking with an independent, locally-operated propane company protects your access to these vital programs.

For Reasonable Response Times, Local Is The Only Choice

When homeowners switch to a national company, one of the first things they notice is reduced response times. You might spend an hour on hold just to get someone on the phone only to find out that they can’t give you the requested propane delivery until weeks later. When you choose a local gas company in Guilford County like Euliss, your call will be answered as quickly as possible by a real, live, local team member. You get knowledgeable, caring responses to your questions and your maximum wait for service will be measured in days rather than weeks.

customer being helped at Euliss to lower their gas bill

Euliss Is The Independent, Local Propane Gas Company

Here at Euliss, we are proud to operate out of the same local office in Liberty, NC. We happily service customers throughout Randolph County, Guilford County, Greensboro and beyond. You can expect great customer service, quick turnaround times and excellent propane services. Ready to get started with the trusted local gas company? Contact us.

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