Which Log Set Style Is Best?

When choosing a new gas log set for your home, you have a lot of options. To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, we have put together a guide that goes over venting, burner type and even some of the more common log styles.

What Is The Difference Between Vented & Vent-Free Gas Logs?

If you have been researching your options, you have probably already seen that log sets come in either vented or vent-free configurations. The main difference is that vented models require a working chimney or flue to operate safely. The side effect of this is that vented models tend to be less efficient, as some of the heat is exiting outside.

Vent-free gas log sets do not require a working chimney, but there are still some safety requirements that vary state by state. They also tend to be more affordable. The downside of vent-free models is that they look slightly less realistic. So if ambiance is your main concern, vented is the best option, but for affordability, go with vent-free.

Log Set Burner Types: HM-2 Vs HMVF

At Euliss, we sell Heatmaster log sets because of their beauty and durability (and the fact that they’re made here in North Carolina). Heatmaster sets come with either an HM-2 or HMVF burner. HM-2 burners emphasize keeping the controls out of sight for a more natural appearance. HMVF burners, on the other hand, move the controls to one side to make space for glowing embers, giving a visual that is more striking.

Choose A Log Type That Matches Your Personal Style

Another reason we prefer Heatmaster log sets is that the logs are meticulously crafted and painted to give the effect of real, natural wood. Each set emulates a different type of wood, so you can choose one that perfectly matches your personal tastes. Here are a few of the more popular styles:

Cape Fear Oak log set

Cape Fear Oak: Inspired by Cape Fear, these oak-style logs are arranged into a low-profile stack. This gives an easy, relaxed and elegant appearance. These utilize an HM-2 burner, keeping controls tucked out of the way.

Charred Rustic Oak: This set is also inspired by oak logs, but these have more pronounced bark and a more varied appearance. The permanent charring completes the effect—great for those who prefer a rustic look.

Carolina Hickory log set

Carolina Hickory: Hickory-style logs give a visually interesting appearance. This set features an HMVF burner, so the front area can be filled with glowing embers that give an intense yet comforting look.

You Can Rely On Euliss For The Perfect Gas Log Set

Central North Carolina families have relied on Euliss for their energy needs for decades, and you can too. Whatever log set configuration you’re looking for, we can install it for you and provide reliable propane delivery. Still not sure what you want? Give our friendly customer representatives a call and we’ll help you choose the perfect log set.

Looking For The Perfect Gas Log Set In Guilford County?