Tips To Save On Propane Delivery In Every Season

Euliss technician walking from truck to give propane delivery

Do you feel like you’re spending more than you should on propane delivery? You might be buying it at the wrong times! We’ve put together this quick guide to getting the most out of your dollars during every season of the year. Read on to find out how to save:

Clean & Maintain In The Spring

When the days become consistently warm, turn off the pilot light in your gas log set to prevent wasting propane. Once that’s turned off and your logs are safe to handle, give your fireplace a quick clean to ensure that it will work at its peak performance when winter comes back around. This is also the perfect time to get your tankless water heater flushed to keep it running well.

Look Into Price Protection Programs In Summer

We offer several price protection programs that help you keep more money in your pockets. They range from pre-buy, in which you pre-purchase your propane for the year at one price; price cap insurance, which sets a maximum that your price per gallon will not exceed; and our budget program, which allows you to divide your payment for the year into equal monthly payments. Summer is the perfect time to inquire about them and get set for the upcoming year. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Buy Propane Right Before Fall

One of the best months to buy propane is August, because it’s warm enough that few people are using their heaters, and the demand of summer has died down. When the cold begins to hit in the later months of fall and beginning of winter, people will start using their fireplaces again which will drive up costs. So filling up now when prices are lower will give you a head start for the winter.

Schedule Smartly During Winter

Even if you fill up your propane tank before winter, it’s likely that you’ll need more fuel sometime during the season. The best way to keep your prices low is to avoid emergency delivery, which often comes with steep fees. So check your propane levels regularly (or sign up for a tank monitor which will send alerts to your phone when they get low) or sign up for auto-fill delivery in which the propane company brings you fuel automatically before you run out. Both of these are great ways to keep yourself warm all winter.

Choose Euliss For Propane Delivery In Guilford County

Want even more tips? Check our ultimate guide to saving money on propane. Or, if you’re ready to fill up, get in touch. As a local propane company we truly care about our customers and will make sure your propane experience is a great one. If you need propane delivery in Guilford County, North Carolina, contact us today.

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