Gas Log Sets & 3 Other Ways To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

Cape Fear Oak log set

This winter has been particularly cold! We’ve seen many more North Carolina families turn to gas log sets and other non-traditional methods of keeping warm. Read on to learn the different ways that families are keeping the cold out without breaking the bank.

1 Gas Log Sets Offer Stylish Flames

Gas log sets have proven extremely popular this year! That’s completely understandable: they’re affordable, attractive and easy to operate. Your local propane company can install and hookup the log set in just a few days and from then on you can enjoy natural-looking flames and efficient heat at the click of a button. They’re great for families who want the traditional fireplace appearance without the hassle of chopping logs or fanning flames.

2 Fireplace Inserts Bring Superior Warmth

If your main concern is efficient heat, fireplace inserts are the perfect choice. Like log sets, they are installed in existing wood-burning fireplaces. However, because of their enclosed nature, they offer even more heat. They burn more efficiently than traditional wood fireplaces which means that you’ll not only save money but feel warmer. Plus, they look great too! You can find them in modern or traditional styles to match any fireplace.

3 Space Heaters Bring Portable Warmth Into Any Room

If you want something more portable, space heaters are another great option. Their compact size and powerful heating makes them a great choice for any room that’s a little too cold. They’re especially good for basements, garages, hobby rooms and other areas of the home that aren’t used enough to require a full-scale heating solution.

4 Enjoy Hot Baths Instantly With Tankless Water Heaters

Sometimes all you need to push away those winter blues is a nice hot bath. With Rinnai tankless water heaters you can get hot water instantly–no more waiting minutes for the water to run warm! Tankless hot water heaters are also much more efficient and extremely durable. Some local propane companies even offer rebates on installation!

Euliss Has Gas Log Sets & Everything Else You Need To Stay Warm

If your home has been feeling a little too chilly, we’d love to help! We have a solution for every room of the house. For more information about tankless water heaters, space heaters, fireplace inserts or gas log sets, contact us today.