How Often Should You Get Propane Delivery In North Carolina?

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How Often Should You Get Propane Delivery In North Carolina?

Here’s a question we get a lot: how often should you get propane delivery if you live in North Carolina? Of course, this question applies to other states as well. The answer depends on where you live, what appliances you use, and how your family uses them. Read on to learn more.

Propane Delivery Depends On The Size Of Your Tank

The first factor to consider is the size of your propane tank. The common sizes for homeowners are vertically-oriented 120 gallon tanks (for one or two appliances), horizontally-oriented 250 gallon tanks (two+ appliances), or up to 1000 gallon tanks. Keep in mind that, for safety reasons, your propane tank will never be filled to 100% capacity.

Your Usage Is The Biggest Factor

The biggest factor is how many propane appliances you have and how often you use them. For example, a gas log set may use 2 gallons of propane per hour of use, while a gas clothes dryer may only use 1 gallon per day. To get a good idea of how much propane you’ll need, make a list of all of your propane-powered appliances and how often you use them (be sure to consider everyone in your household). With this information, your local propane company will be able to estimate your usage.

Automatic Delivery Saves You From Hassle

Of course it’s possible to estimate propane usage yourself, but it’s a tedious process that’s prone to error, and you still have the hassle of having to schedule propane delivery every time you’re running low. For that reason, we always recommend that you take advantage of automatic propane delivery if your local provider offers it. Your provider will track your usage and schedule deliveries just before you need them.

Euliss Offers Hassle-Free Propane Delivery In North Carolina

Here at Euliss, we offer hassle-free delivery to residents in Randolph County, Guilford County and surrounding areas. You can schedule delivery anytime through the Euliss Customer Portal, and we even offer automatic delivery! To keep your North Carolina home fueled and avoid the hassle of propane delivery, contact us today.

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