You Don’t Need A Chimney To Have A Gas Fireplace – Go Vent-Free

Want a gas fireplace but don’t have a working chimney? Families in Greensboro choose vent-free fireplaces because they’re affordable, efficient, easy to use and don’t require a chimney. But they’re not right for every family; read on to find out if a vent-free gas fireplace is right for you.

The Difference Between Vented & Vent-Free Log Sets

When choosing a gas fireplace, you have two options: direct vent (vented) or vent-free (ventless). Both may come in a firebox or fit into existing fireplaces. The big difference is that a direct vent system needs ventilation to operate, while a vent-free does not. Direct vent units don’t require a chimney, but they do require ventilation through exhaust piping. In contrast, vent-free systems do not require construction because the heat and exhaust vents into your house. Read more about the difference in our How To Choose A Gas Log Set article.

Is A Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Right For You?

Both direct vent and vent-free units burn more efficiently than their traditional wood counterparts. But vent-free fireplaces save you money over time because you don’t lose any heat to the outside. They are more affordable because there is no additional construction required. However, vent-free units can only be installed in rooms with adequate space and ventilation.

How To Stay Safe When Running A Vent-Free Log Set

Today’s vent-free log sets are under strict safety regulations, but you must choose a trustworthy installer. Accordingly, Euliss only sells vent-free gas log sets with automatic shut-off oxygen sensors and installs them alongside a CSA-certified Heatmaster Firebox. Despite the many safety features, we recommend homeowners take extra precautions when they install a vent-free unit, such as:

  • Adding a carbon monoxide detector to the room the fireplace is in
  • Getting your log set serviced annually by certified professionals
  • Never running your fireplace unattended

Male and female couple sitting in front of a gas fireplace.

Choose Euliss For Your Gas Fireplace In Greensboro

Greensboro families have relied on Euliss for their energy needs for decades. Whether you’re looking for a direct vent or vent-free log set–we can install it and provide reliable propane delivery. Get in touch today, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will walk you through all our gas fireplace options.

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