If your traditional water heater is on the verge of being replaced, you may be considering a tankless water heater. Read these pros and cons to find out if tankless water heaters are actually better.

Pro: Tankless Water Heaters Are Great For Smaller Homes.

Their low-profile design and compact construction means that they can fit into smaller areas such as closets or laundry rooms. This is great for smaller homes.

Con: Higher Upfront Cost.

Tankless water heaters can have higher upfront costs compared with traditional models. Many homeowners are able to offset these higher prices with tax breaks, payment plans and rebates. Some companies, such as Euliss Propane, will even help homeowners apply for those rebates.

Pro: Tankless Water Heaters Save Money Over Time.

Because they only heat the amount of water that you need at a given time, and do so more efficiently, tankless water heaters will start saving you money immediately. This can offset the initial cost over several years.

Con: They May Need Modifications For Very Large Families.

Tankless water heaters are ideal for average-sized families, but their normal output may be too low for large families with many concurrent users. If you have a large family, be sure to choose a heating professional who knows how to properly size the equipment to allow many family members to use hot water at the same time.

Pro: Dependable Performance & Long-Lasting Warranties.

Tankless water heaters are built to last–up to 20 years, compared to the average 8 to 12 years of traditional models. Depending on the manufacturer, they usually come with long warranties that can give you peace of mind. Along with rebates and savings on bills, this is another way that they save money in the long run.

Euliss Propane Is Your North Carolina Supplier Of Tankless Water Heaters.

If you think a Rinnai tankless water heater might be right for your home, get in touch with the expert installers at Euliss. We’ll even help you get all applicable rebates and discounts.

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When it’s time to upgrade or install a new water heater, consider going tankless! Tankless water heaters heat water on demand instead of a 40-80 gallon tank at a time; this brings many benefits that may make them the better choice for your home:

1. Tankless Water Heaters Give A Consistent Supply Of Hot Water.

Many homeowners know the pain of waiting for the shower to finally turn hot. This is due to having to wait for an entire tank of cold water to heat up and run through. With tankless water heaters, the water is heated on demand, meaning consistent heat with little waiting.

2. Higher Efficiency Is Better For Your Wallet And The Environment.

Tankless water heaters are about 24~34% more efficient for those who use up to 41 gallons per day, and still 8~14% up to 86 gallons per day.  Higher efficiency means less waste and money saved in the long run.

3. Smaller Models Fit In More Places.

The low-profile design of tankless water heaters makes them great for space-challenged homes or homes without basements. They can easily fit in a laundry room or closet without using up valuable living or storage space!

4. Long-Lasting Units Lessen Frustration.

Tankless units tend to last about 20 years on average and their parts are designed to be easily repaired and replaced. And, if the unit needs full replacement decades from now, it’s much cheaper to replace a unit that doesn’t have a tank.

5. Rebates Reduce The Upfront Cost.

Many tankless water heaters qualify for federal, state and/or manufacturer’s rebates. So not only will they cost less over time, but the upfront cost can be greatly reduced with just a bit of paperwork.

Euliss Propane Knows Tankless Water Heaters.

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