The 4 Top Reasons To Get A Tankless Water Heater

More families are choosing a tankless water heater these days than ever before, but we know that some are hesitant to make the leap. After all, everyone says they’re better but is that really true? To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together our top four reasons why a family should consider getting one.

1 A Tankless Heater Provides Instant Hot Water

If you have lived with multiple people you know the pain of hopping into the shower only to find out that the last person used all the hot water—and then waiting tens of minutes while it heats back up. Tankless models heat water instantly as it passes through them, so you never have to worry about this scenario again. As soon as you turn on that faucet, you’ll have hot water at your fingertips.

2 They Can Power Multiple Appliances At Once

Another reason we love Rinnai tankless water heaters is that they’re powerful enough to provide hot water to multiple appliances at once. They’re perfect for large families: no more scheduling showers or chores around the capacity of a water tank. With a tankless unit installed, you’ll be able to use two showers at once and wash laundry at the same time!

3 Tankless Water Heaters Save Money Over Time

One downside of tankless water heaters is that they cost more upfront. Luckily, this can be alleviated with discounts from your local propane company (we offer a $250 rebate!) and the savings over time more than make up for the cost. No wasted or re-heated water means savings on water and electric bills. You also spend less on maintenance and may go 20 years without worrying about major repairs or replacement. In every metric, they’re more affordable over time!

4 A Tankless Water Heater Frees Up Space

The small size of a tankless unit is another big draw. They’re about the size of a suitcase but powerful enough to provide instant hot water for all your appliances. With no big, bulky water tank in the way, you’ll have more space free in your basement for storage or activities. Once you switch to tankless you’ll never want to go back!

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To Save On A Tankless Water Heater, Choose Euliss

If you’re convinced, get in touch with our helpful sales staff! We sell the most trusted models of water heaters from Rinnai, expertly install them and even help you get all applicable rebates. You could save $250 just by choosing us! Get in touch if you’re ready to experience instant hot water with a tankless water heater.

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