How To Change Batteries In Your Gas Log Remote

Has your gas log remote stopped working? It may simply need a change of batteries. In this video, Euliss service technician Caleb explains how to change the batteries in your gas fireplace remote yourself, safely. (A transcript follows for your convenience.)

Hi, I’m Caleb Evans with Euliss Propane in Liberty, North Carolina, and today I’m going to show you how to change the batteries in your gas log remote.

You should not replace the batteries while the fireplace is running. To find your receiver box, it could be to the right of the logs or underneath, behind a metal grate. When replacing the batteries, the manufacturer recommends alkaline batteries only. The batteries need to be changed once a year.

The receiver box is supposed to be below the burner. If it is put in the wrong spot, then it can melt. Stay safe and follow these instructions: turn off fireplace, replace batteries in remote, replace batteries in the receiver.

Gas Log Remote Still Not Working?