How To Switch Propane Companies The Easy Way

If you power your home or business with propane, there may come a time when you want to shop around or switch fuel providers.

Switching propane providers can feel daunting, but with the right approach, it can be stress-free.

Here’s how we recommend approaching the process.

Euliss propane technician exiting truck

1. Evaluate The Terms Of Your Current Propane Contract.

Before you make the switch, review your current propane contract. Ensure that you understand the terms and conditions including any fees for early termination. Some questions to ask:

– Do you own or lease your tank?
Leased tanks can create a few hurdles in changing providers, but switching out your propane tank is an option.

– Is your tank above or underground?
If you lease your underground tank, we recommend you try and purchase your tank.  Above-ground tanks are considerably less expensive to switch out.

– When does your current contract end?
You can save money on termination fees if you time it right.

If you’re unsure of your contract details, contact your current propane company and ask for clarification. Knowing what you’re up against can help you avoid surprises and save money in the long run.

2. Find A Reputable Company To Partner With.

Do your research to find the best long-term partner.

– Look for providers that offer competitive pricing, price protection, and flexible payment programs.

Check reviews from current customers to get an idea of the company’s reputation.

– Consider factors such as availability of service and installation technicians, auto-delivery schedules, and emergency services.

3. Make The Switch In Spring or Summer When Possible.

Once you’ve selected a new company, it’s time to prepare to make the switch. A few things on your to-do list might be:

Time Your Switch In Spring or Summer For A Smoother Experience.
Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for making the switch. Propane companies are less busy during this time and the ground is dryer to get service trucks in position for tank swaps.

Cancel Auto-Delivery To Avoid Unnecessary Fill-Ups.
Contact your current company to cancel auto-delivery and switch to will-call service. This way, you will only get necessary propane deliveries from your old provider before you switch.

Schedule Hook Up with Your New Provider.
Contact your new propane company and set up an account. Make sure to provide all necessary information, including your delivery address and payment preferences.

After Completed Installation Your New Provider Will Contact Your Current Company.
Your new provider will notify your current company the day of the switch over. This prevents any delays or service interruptions that might occur if your old provider takes the tank before your new supplier is ready.

Exceptional Energy From Euliss Propane In Asheboro & Beyond.

Switching propane companies can be simple. Euliss Propane is a reliable propane provider here to help you throughout the process. We offer exceptional energy from people who care and provide multiple price protection programs to suit the individual needs and budgets of homes and businesses in Asheboro and beyond. Get in touch for a quote today!

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