Explained: Gas Log Maintenance Programs

Did you know we offer a yearly gas log maintenance program? Yearly maintenance keeps your gas logs running efficiently and safely. In this video, Euliss service technician Jon explains our maintenance program and why it’s important. (A transcript follows for your convenience.)

Hello, I’m Jon Mitchell with Euliss Propane in Liberty, North Carolina, and today I’m going to discuss our gas log maintenance program and its benefits. This is not a how-to video; this is just to show you what we’ll be doing when we come to your house.

Our log maintenance consists of removing and cleaning your logs, cleaning any fittings, changing batteries in the remote and the receiver. We will then light the pilot and check your log for proper function.

While servicing your logs, we will perform a safety and leak check for the entire piping system of your house. Regular maintenance ensures that your unit is ready to work whenever you need it.

Has Your Gas Log Set Had Its Yearly Maintenance Service?