Why Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Is Critical.

Regular maintenance for your Rinnai tankless water heater maximizes the longevity of your unit, ensuring your home has endless hot water for years to come. At Euliss Propane, we offer a comprehensive service plan to maximize savings and convenience for our customers.

Our Expert Service Technicians Handle Everything.

In this video, John, our operations manager, walks you through the steps our team takes during a routine maintenance appointment:

Hey, this is John Hodges with Euliss Propane here in Liberty, North Carolina, and today I just wanted to give a brief introduction and an overview of what we provide for our yearly service contract for the Rennai tankless water heater. This is not a how-to video; this is just briefly describing what Euliss technicians do when we get there to service your tankless water heater.

In this tankless water heater service contract, there will be a 45-minute vinegar flush of the unit and the heat exchanger. We will clean and service all sensors. We will clean all your filters. We will do a leak test on your unit to make sure there are no water leaks, and there’s no gas leaks. We’ll give an overview of the internal components of your unit and make any recommendations that we may find.

Rennai actually recommends a yearly service of the unit. It actually extends the warranty and extends the lifespan. We highly recommend this to be done for our rural customers that have well systems. A couple of benefits to signing up for their yearly Rennai service contract is we offer discounted labor, parts, and even future purchases or replacements of your tankless water heater.

If you are interested in this contract, just visit our website at eulisspropane.com for more information or always feel free to call us at our office at 336-622-3055.

  • First, our technicians will flush the unit and heat exchange with a vinegar solution. Flushing the tank removes any accumulated scale, mineral deposits, rust or other contaminants that hinder heat transfer efficiency.
  • Then, we will clean and service all of the sensors and filters. This helps maintain efficiency, temperature control and output.
  • Next, our team will conduct a leak test to ensure there are no leaks in your unit.
  • Finally, we inspect every component and make any recommendations for improvements.

Our Service Plans Maximize Savings.

When you enroll in our tankless water heater service plan, you receive expert maintenance from our certified technicians and the best value and benefits. Our service plan includes a discount on the service rate, replacement parts and priority scheduling. Ready to sign up for our tankless water heater service plan? Contact our team today to get started!

Euliss Propane technician sharing with a customer how much they have saved with a tankless water heater.

Has Your System Had Its Maintenance Check This Year?