When Is It Time To Turn On Your Propane Heat?

As summer turns to fall, the most common question we get is: “When is the best time to transition from AC to propane heat?”

We all want to minimize our energy bills during the changing seasons, so here are some tips from our expert technicians for managing your heating system.

When To Turn On Your Propane Heat Is Mostly A Personal Preference.

Deciding when to switch on your propane heat is somewhat subjective, but experts recommend starting when indoor temperatures fall below 64°F. Consider setting the thermostat a bit higher if you have vulnerable individuals at home, like children or seniors. Don’t forget to lower it to your comfort when you go to bed to maximize efficiency, too.

Pay Attention To Indoor Temps, Not The Weather.

Many people make the mistake of turning on the heat when overnight temps reach a particular low. Instead, we recommend focusing on your thermostat and the temperature inside your house. This will be unique for every home and depends on your insulation, house age, materials, etc. You can also affect this by opening curtains and letting the sun in during the day to warm your home naturally.

Service Your System In Late Summer Or Early Fall.

Most importantly, we recommend kicking on the propane heat and servicing your furnace to ensure everything is in proper working order before the cold really sets in. That way, technicians can identify any potential issues and address them immediately.

Propane technician smiling while making a delivery for propane heat

Euliss Propane: Your Trusted Partner For Propane Heat In Winston-Salem, NC.

We understand the importance of having reliable heat as temperatures drop. You can depend on Euliss Propane for timely propane refills, maintenance, and expert advice. Our commitment to delivering exceptional energy with care ensures a worry-free winter season. Contact us with any questions about your propane heat system, and stay warm and comfortable this winter.

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