Supporting Hope: Euliss Propane’s Commitment To Fighting Breast Cancer.

This month, and every month, Euliss Propane extends our heartfelt support to a cause that holds a special place in our hearts—the fight against breast cancer.

We have embraced our neighbors, friends, and customers for over seven decades, understanding that no business is greater than the community they serve. Keep reading to learn how to get involved.

Euliss Propane Breast Cancer awareness propane delivery tank wagon

“We believe has a real opportunity to change the picture of breast cancer.”

Euliss Empowers Early Detection With is a North Carolina-based organization that embodies hope and progress in the fight against breast cancer. Their mission is simple yet revolutionary: to pioneer an innovative biological test for the early detection of breast cancer.

Euliss is an annual sponsor of this local non-profit and wholeheartedly stands behind their approach. Their goal is to develop an innovative test to detect the threat of cancer years before it manifests. This kind of test will transform the course of treatment and significantly improve survival rates for those affected.

Euliss Propane’s Vice President Chris Stanley says, “’s pink ribbon is upside down to show that this organization is looking at breast cancer from a different perspective. We believe has a real opportunity to change the picture of breast cancer.”

A Pink October: Euliss Propane’s Breast Cancer Advocacy In Action.

This October, our team supported a variety of breast cancer awareness efforts. Our iconic pink propane tanker truck is at the heart of our year-round advocacy. It spreads awareness and conversations rolling through the streets of Liberty and beyond.

We were also honored to support two of’s events this month, the 2023 Breast Cancer Luncheon and the Gathering of Friends Dinner. John K. Stanley, Jr., Chris Stanley and their spouses were fortunate to attend and meet special guests, Meredith Baxter (actress and Family Ties star), and DeAngelo Williams, (former Carolina Panther and NFL Pro Bowler), two great advocates for the cause.

Meredith Baxter posing in front of breast cancer branded cars and propane delivery truck.

Chris Stanley and wife Dallas with DeAngelo Williams
Chris Stanley and wife Dallas in front of pink tank wagon.

Join Hands With Hope: Your Call To Action

As we near the end of October, we invite our customers and community to join us in this important mission. Whether it’s a small gesture or a significant contribution, your support can make a real difference.

Take a moment to explore, understand their mission, and think about how you may want to get involved. Together, let’s empower early detection and stand resolute in the fight against breast cancer.

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