Affordable Propane: The 5 Ways Euliss Propane Saves You Money

Euliss truck

For more than seventy years, Euliss Propane has been the choice of North Carolina homeowners for their fuel and appliance needs. One of the reasons homeowners choose us is because of the many ways we help them save money. If you haven’t joined the Euliss family yet, read on to find out the five ways we can help you save.

1 Price Cap Insurance Prevents Surprise Bills

Our Price Protection Programs are a popular choice among our customer base. These special promotions are easy to join and give you control over your payments. The first program, Price Cap Insurance, sets a maximum price per gallon that your price will never exceed―and if the market price is lower than that cap, you pay the lower amount. Each Price Cap is good for a year term, and it costs only $48 per year to sign up.

2 Pre-Buy Fuel When Prices Are Lower To Lock In Savings

Next, our Pre-Buy Program is a great way to guarantee that you’re getting the best price on propane. With this service, you commit in summer to buying a certain amount of fuel over the next year. The price is locked into the current market price when you sign up, meaning you can take advantage of the fact that prices are typically much lower in summer. Your payment is split into three equal installments and the price is good through next March.

3 Budget Plans Make Budgeting Easy

For those who want peace of mind and a consistent bill, we offer our Budget Plan. With this plan, we estimate your usage for the next year based on past data. The total cost is then split across 12 equal payments, so you know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month. It’s great for those who want to avoid having larger payments during the colder winter months. And to top it off, new Budget Plan customers get a year of Price Cap Insurance for free!

4 Rebates Make Propane Appliances Affordable

If you’re considering switching to propane appliances, you should know that we offer several rebates! For example, first time purchasers could save $150 on installation of a new tankless water heater or $50 on a propane clothes dryer. We make the process easy and will help you get every applicable rebate when you choose us to install your appliance.

5 Refer A Customer And We Give You $50

We also have a Refer-A-Friend program! We want you to save money, so we’ve made the referral process as easy as possible. Simply refer a friend or neighbor to Euliss Propane, and we’ll credit your account $50 as soon as they become a customer. There are no tricks and you’ll get credit for every applicable referral!

Euliss Propane Helps You Save Money In Other Ways Too

We help our customers save money in other ways too: we offer great prices on propane appliances and great prices on fuel; we regularly post money-saving tips to our newsletter and Facebook page; and we write articles like The Best Time To Buy Propane so you’ll be in the know. If you’re ready to save money on propane service in North Carolina, contact Euliss Propane today.