How To Lower Your Propane Gas Bill: Price Protection Programs

Your gas bill can feel as unpredictable as winter temperatures in High Point, NC. Sometimes they’re high, and sometimes they’re low. The two main factors determining your bill are how many gallons you use and the price you pay per gallon. Both fluctuate throughout the year and are affected by unpredictable markets and events. That’s why we’ve designed three price protection programs to keep money in your pocket and provide peace of mind in today’s world.

Pre-Buy Your Propane At A Great Price To Lower Your Gas Bill.

Like buying in bulk at Costco reduces the price you pay for groceries–buying your propane in bulk lowers your gas bill. The Pre-Buy Program allows you to pay a low, fixed rate for pre-buying fuel for the entire year. This program locks you into the lowest price per gallon for the number of gallons you pre-buy. Prices are typically lower in spring and summer, so review your usage from last year and lock in now to save big!

Price Cap Insurance Protects You In A Volatile Market.

Next, our Price Cap Insurance program works like your car or home insurance. Customers protect themselves from unexpected market fluctuations by receiving a ceiling or “capped’ price for a small monthly insurance fee ($4.00/month). The capped price is the maximum price per gallon you will pay that year, regardless of what happens to the actual retail price. Having this price ceiling provides peace of mind and reduces your overall risk. Plus, if the market price is lower than your capped price, you receive the lower of the two! It’s a win-win.

The Budget Plan Simplifies Your Gas Bill.

Finally, our Budget Plan is a customer favorite because it’s simple and has no fees or finance charges. Instead of paying for your propane as it’s delivered, the budget plan spreads your payments throughout the year. We estimate your annual propane costs based on your previous usage and divide them into 12 equal payments, making calculating your home’s monthly expenses more manageable.

customer being helped at Euliss to lower their gas bill

Euliss Propane Offers The Best Propane Value In High Point, NC.

Here at Euliss, giving the customer great value and a great experience is of utmost importance. We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our Price Protection Programs, especially in spring and summer. If you want to save even more, check out our Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Propane. Contact us to start lowering your gas bill today.

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