Checking a propane tank gauge before snowfall.

Propane Tank Safety Tips For Snowfall.

Prepare your propane tank for any weather! Our safety tips ensure you're equipped to handle the rest of winter, no matter what weather comes your way.
Home that is prepared for a possible power outage with propane.

Prepare For Power Outages With Propane

Power outages disrupt daily life, causing discomfort and inconvenience for residents in Central North Carolina. Learn how propane ensures comfort and warmth even when the power grid fails.
Couple enjoying their gas log set.

How A Fireplace Improves Your Mental Health

A fireplace isn't just a source of warmth for your home; it also brings health and happiness to your space. Learn how adding a gas fireplace to your environment can improve your well-being.
Euliss service technician making a propane delivery

This Is When You Should Schedule Propane Delivery

You can wait until the E starts flashing to get gas for your car. Unfortunately, you can’t cut it that close with a propane delivery. Learn when it's time to make the call to avoid running out of fuel or paying emergency delivery fees.
display of fireplace and gas log sets

Does A Fireplace Add Value To A Home?

A gas fireplace isn't just for warmth—it’s a good investment, too! Learn how they boost your home’s value and can cut energy costs.
propane tank being delivered to home

How Stuff Works: Learn The Basics Of Your Propane Tank

Homeownership comes with a steep learning curve, and keeping up with how your plumbing, heating and electrical systems work can feel like a lot. In this article, we review your propane tank parts and safety features to keep you up to speed and informed.
Euliss Propane Breast Cancer awareness propane delivery tank wagon

Supporting Hope: Euliss Propane’s Commitment To Fighting Breast Cancer

This month, and every month, Euliss supports a cause that holds a special place in our hearts—the fight against breast cancer. Learn about’s impactful work supporting early detection in North Carolina.
Propane technician smiling while making a delivery for propane heat

When Is It Time To Turn On Your Propane Heat?

Make the transition from AC to propane heat with ease this fall! Learn when to switch on the heat and more about managing your heating system from the experts at Euliss.
Euliss staff member with customer at their gas stove.

Cook Like A Pro: Benefits Of Cooking With A Gas Stove

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you know that every Top Chef, Master Chef and Chopped Champion uses a gas stove—never electric. But have you ever wondered why? Learn the benefits of cooking with gas in this article.